Is Barack Obama Pandering To Whites, Ya-think

By: Ken Hughes

It seems Barack Obama is trying to do a 180 degree turn from some of his earlier statements. At this point it’s not clear if Obama is a black racist, a Harvard educated elitist or both. Until [Goofy Old Uncle] Dr. Reverend Jeremiah Wright slithered out from behind the Rock of Trinity Obama had it all going his way. He’d even been compared to JFK. It was the right reverend Wright who was able to make the voters aware what they assumed they were getting wasn’t what they would get if Obama became president.

This country needs a president who believes in a Untied America not a segregated America. If Obama is willing to put one segment above all others be it gender, ethnicity or economic statues then he doesn’t qualify as presidential material. Blacks not whites are the racial dividers if Obama wants to make changes let him start with the “Poor Black Me” mentality.

Everyone assumed Barack Obama was to articulate, to pretty and to clever to be a fraud, normally it’s the smooth talking dandies who are the frauds. When they aren’t following the script they invariably trip themselves up. Impromptu remarks aren’t usually a person like Obama’s strongest points. He’s best when he’s been dusted off choreographed and prompted.

A few of the Obama misstatements have been when he suggested wearing an American flag lapel pin was pandering. In his latest TV appearances I see he’s wearing the lapel flag pin. At one point Obama refused to pledge allegiance to the flag or to give the civilian salute of a hand over the heart. Lately Obama treats the flag like his American Express Card, he won’t leave home without one or two or a dozen. He seems to attract American flags like a Rock Star attracts groupies.

Michelle Obama hasn’t advanced the Obama image with her off the cuff surely remarks. One of her aids kicked an Asian Coed off the stage she was going to give a speech from because Ms. Obama needed more white people backing her up. I [axed] you is that racist or not? Michelle Obama’s father was a Ward Boss for the first Mayor Daley in Chicago. That’s hardly coming from an improvised childhood. If she can’t be proud of America it’s because she’s hung out with Liberal Democrats for to long.

Democrats don’t get it they’re just as responsible for the presumed ill’s America suffers from as Republicans. It takes 535 congress persons plus 1 president and 1 vice president to govern this great country there’s always enough shame to go around.

Barack Obama is suffering from foot in mouth in recent weeks. Berating his white grandmother for saying she feared young black men in groups were ironic. Jesse Jackson said the very something the year he ran for the Democratic nomination for president. That wasn’t the only racist comment Jesse Jackson made on the campaign trail, he called New York Hymie Town referring to all the Jews living there. Obama has a propensity for referring to blue collar white voters in the third person as though they weren’t on his level. I think he’s referred to them several times as “Those Common Folks” His most regrettable comment came when he belittled guns and religion as crutches for the common folks use to hold themselves up with. Obama better pray to Allah God wasn’t listening.

Hillary has enough Ozark charm to turn the tables on Obama. All she has to do is continue to point out his elitism, his distain for those common folks he forced to pander to. To paraphrase the late Ann Richardson of Texas, “Obama was born with a slick tong in his mouth”. Its doubtful Obama’s oratorical skills can overcome his inexperience in everything presidential, especially if Hillary has her way.

Occasionally voters make gigantic mistakes, for one reason or another as they did selecting Jimmy Carter as president. It doesn’t happen very often and when it does they have four years to correct the error. Despite what the candidates promise on the campaign trail a president has virtually no absolute powers. If congress can’t curtail a president run amuck the courts can. The problem of our runaway government isn’t because of any president it’s because we have a professional congress rather than an elective congress.

No national elective political position should last longer than 12 years. What’s good for a president should be good for congress as well.

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