War in Iraq

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By Loretta Hurite

We are a nation divided. We are a nation divided against an enemy who wants to destroy us. The events on 9/11 showed clearly showed just how dangerous they are.

In the early days of the war the opposition began an unrelenting campaign against it. They accused the president of lying and deceiving to get us into the war, while they themselves paraded out their own brand of continuous lies and distortions to discredit the war effort.

Never before in our nations history has a president been so maliciously vilified. It is one thing to disagree but it is entirely another to be filled with so much hatred which closes the mind to any form of reasoning. This hatred has played out well in the halls of congress and in a usser friendly media. There have been two stories about the war. The truth from the battlefield and something else from the liberal media.

There were many who stood up with their righteous indignation and said, “It’s all about oil.” However, did any of these change their life style to reduce their consumption of oil. I don’t think so. T hey still pumped their gas, they flew in their jets, they worked at their jobs, shopped in the stores, and played their games. Added to this,these same voices have repeatedly blocked efforts to develop our own vast sources for energy that keeps us dangerously dependent on foreign suppliers.

Then there has been the betrayal by liberals in government and in the press. How many times was funding for the war held up by congress. How many times did some of our “esteemed leader” take every opportunity to stand before an expectant press to lash out against the war. How many times was information leaked that was a clear betrayal of our war effort. All this sent clear signals to the terrorists that we have not the will to stay the course and will eventually abandon the people of Iraq to an eventual massacre.

Last year these same “move on googles” began a campaign to demand that we begin to bring out troops home. They wanted a date set to begin the withdrawal. I can think of no better way to lose a war than to tell our enemies when we are going to quit and go home.This has been a cruel effort on their part to play on the heartstrings of the families of those serving in Iraq.

As in all cases, it is what you want to see is how you look at the picture. For the liberals , they want to see pictures that feeds their ‘we will not win’ views. No matter how events in the war change, they will still hang on to their negative position of the war because it fits what they want.

We’ve been fed many times over the past five years the litany of failure in Iraq. But maybe we should turn the picture around and take a look at accomplishments.

The tyrant leader Saddam and his sons gone.
Successful elections were held twice.
Work is in progress to rebuild the infrastructure left in decay by Saddam.
New hospitals and schools being built.
Children, even girls, going to school,
Building and training Iraqi army.
Conquered roadside bomb menace
Successful surge to route AlQaeda out of villages and cities
People in villages being taught how to live in freedom
More trust between our soldiers and the Iraqi people.
People are pointing out terrorists in their villages
Small businesses and shops open and running
More freedom to move about safely
Beginning effort to get their government working together

Too few people know how much a role our military has played in building these accomplishments.

Do I wish this could move faster. Yes. However, maybe it would have moved faster if we had presented a united front instead of divided. Could we expect the Iraqi’s to join forces with us with the thought of our leaving too soon hanging over their heads?

I think many are not taking the war on terror seriously enough and that is dangerous. Obviously there are many in congress who think if we would just sit down and have a chat with them, make some promises, and give more goodies, we would all get along.

These enemies are unlike any we have ever faced. They are patient and calculating. They will do whatever it takes. They have no exit strategy. They have no troop withdrawal campaigns. They have no concern over cost and none about time. Their one and only vision is to win.

How do you fight an enemy like this? We cannot all be on the battlefield. But what we can do is create an army here. An army that does not carry guns but an army that battles in prayer. Let us rise up this army to commit to prayer every day for success and an end to this war. Let us pray for the Iraqi people in their struggles to win freedom and rebuild their nation.

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