Jimmy Carter An Obvious Foreign Agent

By: Ken Hughes

To many of us the former president Jimmy Carter is no longer worthy of representing himself as an American citizen. There’re laws concerning private citizens conducting foreign policy. It seems if you are now or ever have been a member of the Washington elite the laws don’t apply. There seems to be a similarity between the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Jimmy Carter’s views of America. These are not persons who should be representing our great country on the international stage.

Where did Jimmy Carter get his anti-Semitic views? It’s been said he developed them when the American Jewish community supported Ronald Reagan for president over him. I think it’s more likely they were embedded during his childhood by old southern beliefs all Jews are evil. Jimmy Carter is a lasting reminder of the old bigoted rural south before the 1960’s. He refuses to wake up and smell the coffee of the 21st century.

Al Jezeera / English presented the clearest chronicles of Jimmy Carter’s meeting throughout the Middle East. They’ve reported on their web-site [sans Arab propaganda] a concise accounting of most of Carter’s meetings.

The Following Are Jimmy Carter’s False Statements.

CARTER: Hamas is the elected government of Palestine!

FACT: Palestine isn’t recognized by any world government or the UN as a Sovereign Nation. Hamas gained seats in the Palestinian territorial parliament the governing body of Arab controlled Palestine but Hamas is not the government, President Muhammad Abbas is the elected leader of all the Palestinian territories.

CARTER: Israeli troops are occupying Gaza.

FACT: Israeli troops man the boarder stations leading into Gaze. They do so to keep Hamas terrorists from entering Israel and murdering Israeli civilians. The only thing Israeli that enters Gaza on a daily basis is purified drinking water, electricity, fuel oils and medical products. The things Palestinian that enters Israel on a daily based are rockets meant to kill Jews.

CARTER: He assured Hamas peace with Israel is possible with a dialog of peace and more concession form Israel. That’s not likely to happen.

FACT: Hamas assured Carter peace will come to Palestine when the last Jew is seen sailing off on the last ship into the Mediterranean. The majority of the Arab / Muslim world’s population is dedicated to driving Israel out of existence. Israelis are equally determined to stay to the last breath and the last drop of blood.

CARTER: Is convinced it’s the Israelis who are holding up the peace process in the Palestinian territories. Carter is right calling Palestine occupied territories but for all the wrong reasons.

FACT: Palestine has been occupied territory since the beginning of history. Israel has done more to lift the yoke of occupation than any occupiers that preceded them. Carter and his Ilk seem to forget the history of the region, Jews and Arabs are both decedents of Abraham, Both have and equal right to the Palestinian territories. All of the diplomatic efforts for the past 100 years have done less to accommodate Arab demands than Israelis have done.

FACT: Carter is a failed individual who views himself in a far different light than the rest of the world sees him. He failed as a Navel Officer, as a Governor, as a President, he failed as a farmer and he’s diffidently failed as a Christian.

FACT: If the Palestinians truly wanted peace it would have been theirs as early as 1948 when Israel was granted international recognition as a Sovereign nation. In 1948 the so-called occupied territories were controlled by Jordan, Gaza was part of Egypt. Prior to the state of Israel Palestine was little more than a parcel of land on a map owned by no one and occupied by everyone.

FACT; Carter has attempted to broker a peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians for the past 30 years and he’s no closer today than he was in the beginning. If anything Carter exacerbates the stalemate by giving the Palestinians a false sense of hope.

FACT: It isn’t within the scope of influence of a former president to attempt negotiating deals for his country. Most former president are content to play golf in their retirement. My we suggest Carter go back to Plains Georgia
grew roses and pet the dog.

In earlier times Jimmy Carter’s conduct would be called treasonous, Examples are Aaron Burr and William Franklin [son of Benjamin] who were both confined to prison for opposing the American Revolution.

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