Shut Up, Pope Benedict!

By: John Lillpop

Perhaps it is naive to expect moral and spiritual leadership from an institution that has supported and provided refuge for sexual perverts who deceive their victims by masquerading as “men of God”?

An institution that has spent billions of dollars to settle law suits brought by innocent children victimized by its “holy fathers”?

With all due respect to Pope Benedict, the Catholic Church does not own the moral high ground in America. Which means that the pope’s rhetoric on illegal immigration is irrelevant at best, and self-serving drivel intended to shore up sagging membership in the Catholic church at worse.

Rather than blaming Americans for resisting the invasion of our great nation, Pope Benedict should be providing moral and spiritual leadership by calling on illegal aliens and the Mexican government to respect the borders, laws, property and culture of the United States.

Rather than chiding U.S. authorities for enforcing the rule of law, the Pope should demand that illegal aliens voluntarily return to their nations of origin and follow established procedures for legal immigration to America.

Rather than calling for open-ended compassion for those here unlawfully, the pope should remind illegal aliens that receiving public services such as education, food stamps, and health care to which they are not entitled is stealing. Stealing is a sin.

Illegal immigration is like robbing a bank. It involves disregard for the law and wanton thievery of goods and services belonging to, or intended for, others. It is wrong, and should be condemned.

Because the Pope’s position on illegal aliens is immoral, sound advise for the pontiff would be as follows: Shut up, Pope Benedict

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