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April 24, 2008

Global Pressures Outpace Military Funding

Filed under: American Military - 24 Apr 2008

As the leader of the free world, the United States has a responsibility to lead. This has been our reality as a nation since the 1940s. As such, we need a well-funded military. Today, however, our military forces are desperately …

Carter, Hamas, and Negotiating with Terrorists

Former President Jimmy Carter raised more than a few eyebrows with his Middle East excursion for talks with leaders of the terrorist group Hamas. Many articles have been written about Carter’s motives, his hidden agenda, his bias against Israel, and …

April 23, 2008

Regulatory Illusion

Today’s clamor for more regulation of financial institutions to prevent another subprime mortgage meltdown is an exercise in self-deception. Congress, led by Representative Barney Frank, is planning to overhaul regulation of the financial community, and Treasury Secretary Paulson has already …

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Accused of Pushing Left Agenda in College Interviews

On Monday morning, April 21st, CNN aired “America Votes 2008” with Rick Sanchez, (11:30 AM CT) a segment that featured reporter Sanchez visiting Penn State University to talk to some of the students about the upcoming Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. In …

Urgently Needed: Deportation Orders for the “Undocumented”

Filed under: Immigration - 23 Apr 2008

To hear Democrats and Hispanic racists tell it, the 38 million or so criminals in America from Mexico and further points south are not “illegal aliens,” but rather are undocumented lovers, students, philanthropists, poets, philosophers, artists, circus clowns, snake charmers, …

The Smarter Jimmy Carter Charter

Ex-President Jimmy Carter has hogged the media spotlight this week over his intended – and subsequent – meetings with Hamas head honcho Khaled Meshaal and other Hamas leaders – thereby incurring the wrath of Israel, the United States, the European …

How Dare ABC News Treat Obama as if He Were a Conservative!

Richard A. Viguerie, publisher of, appears to have had the same reaction as many conservatives to Barack Obama’s performance and his subsequent complaints regarding the ABC News debate in Philadelphia between Hillary Clinton and Obama: Barack’s performance …

April 22, 2008

Jimmy Carter An Obvious Foreign Agent

To many of us the former president Jimmy Carter is no longer worthy of representing himself as an American citizen. There’re laws concerning private citizens conducting foreign policy. It seems if you are now or ever have been a member …

Liberal Hate Speech May Doom Dems’ Election Hopes

First it was Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s expletive-laced sermons and anti-Semitic rants that plunged the Obama campaign into full damage-repair mode. Then Barack triggered an uproar when he remarked about down-on-their-luck voters, “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they …

Shut Up, Pope Benedict!

Filed under: Immigration - 22 Apr 2008

Perhaps it is naive to expect moral and spiritual leadership from an institution that has supported and provided refuge for sexual perverts who deceive their victims by masquerading as “men of God”?

Love Your Special Needs Government

Filed under: American Government - 22 Apr 2008

According to an article on, “a resolution welcoming and honoring Pope Benedict XVI to Washington hit a temporary rough patch on the way to its eventual approval — and the rough patch involved the always-nuclear topic of abortion.”

NYT’s Failure to Understand Our Times Now Complete

To show how pathetic The New York Times and John Broder are at analyzing the current political climate, all one has to do is read “Gore-Lieberman: A Hyphen Apart? Try Poles.” Here the Times clearly reveals that they see …

April 21, 2008

Charges Against 9/11 Mastermind and Co-conspirators Amended

Prosocutors in the case against the self-described mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and five of his co-conspirators have amended the charge sheet against the detainees to further clarify their activities, a senior Pentagon official announced today in …

Milking the Global Warming Cash Cow on Earth Day

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 21 Apr 2008

In order to commemorate Earth Day with the appropriate political correctness and chutzpah, the “Al Gore Institute for Saving Earth by Ending Global Warming and Electing Al President” has produced a list of ten acceptable ways to celebrate Earth Day.

April 20, 2008

War in Iraq

Filed under: Uncategorized,War On Terror - 20 Apr 2008

We are a nation divided. We are a nation divided against an enemy who wants to destroy us. The events on 9/11 showed clearly showed just how dangerous they are.

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