How About This New Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

If the Barack Obama we listened to on Fox News Sunday were elected president every person in American society would benefit. Discussing his plans for the future with Chris Wallace Obama seemed to have a chicken for every pot. It seems Obama may have been reading some of the blogs on the internet as well as listening to the MSM and decided the change needs to be in himself and not in the rest of America.

Anyone who has traveled out side of this country will tell you there is no two Americas. Americans, especially African Americans are the most pampered people on earth. Barack Obama and his crowd are trying to sell the rest of the country snake oil that isn’t worth a dime.

Obama has seems to have shifted his stand on Iraq from the hard, all out or nothing he took in the past. Now he says he’ll listen to the Generals before making any decisions. I happen to agree with Obama there needs to be more pressure put on the Iraqi government to get its act together. We must insist some compromises be made in the way they’re conducting them selves. Iraq is between a rock and a hard place. If the new American president decides to pull troops out Iraq becomes vulnerable to the whims of Iran.

The Iranian leaders have stated more than once it’s their intention to reestablish the Old Persian Empire that includes all of the Middle East from India to North Africa.

Due to some mistakes made by American planners at the outset of the war the Iraqi army was disbanded. Now Iraq is saddles with an untrained army that by in large doesn’t have a loyalty to the new Iraqi government. From years of experiencing Middle East politics they lack faith their new Iraqi democracy can survive.

The arrogance and total misunderstanding by the American planners failed to take into consideration of the wants and needs of the Iraqi people. The word democracy has very a different meaning in different parts of the world.
The phrase “We the People” is as foreign to the Iraqis and the Afghan’s as the Christian troops liberating / occupying their countries are.

Unfortunately the American government planners don’t have a crystal ball they can gaze into that tells them how they perceive thing should be. There’s little room for local input, without knowing the mechanics of the Muslim culture Iraq have been told how it will conduct themselves. Things don’t work that way. Four thousand years of traditions can’t be swept aside in an instant.

Perhaps it time for America to tell the world we are no longer going to be involved in nation building. We will willingly join any countries who wish to participate and are willing to share the cost of an international defense force to repel aggression when called on. If that means obliterating an entire nation of people so be it. America’s security comes first. That was the original intent of the United Nations, somewhere along the way politics and diplomacy got in the way.

Barack Obama stated in the Chris Wallace / Fox interview one of his biggest problems was not listening. For a presidential candidate that’s a double edged sword, If his nature is not listening then as president would that have been a lesson learned or just a side step to gain his goals. If Barack Obama is willing to change from what he’s been to what he thinks the voters wants would the country be getting the real Obama if he were elected president?

This country neither needs now wants a black president. What we need and want in a president is a man / woman who has a genuine concern for everyone regardless of color or gander, Perhaps it’s the media promoting Obama as a black man and Hillary as a woman that keeps the pot boiling. I doubt most of the public cares one way or the other what the physical make up of the next president is. Granted there are still a few bigots around but they’re in the minority. Most voters are concerned with creditability.

Barack Obama’s regrouping and changing strategy will define him better than all the flowery speeches he can make between now and November’s elections. The racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s bone crushing remarks at his California speech has put a very large question mark on his character. The more time Rev. Wright spends defending his remarks and explaining the brain structure of black vs. white the deeper he digs the hole he’s putting Obama in.

At this point the [real] voters don’t know who or what Obama is. He’s going to have to do a lot of explaining if he expects to win the nomination and the presidency. The primaries are simply foreplay leading up to the real event, not everyone is as easily excited as Liberal Democrats.

Today’s [04-28-08] New York Times has an article, “Eyes on Blue-Collar Voters, Obama Shifts Style” by Jeff Zeleney and Adam Negauney that lays it all out for Obama his supporters and for the voters.

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