NC GOP Candidate for Governor immigration contradictions exposed in videos


New video footage released today shows a stark contrast between Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory’s city administration policies and his campaign ads in the race for NC Governor.

While McCrory is promising Republican voters in TV ads that he will be tough on illegal immigration, new video footage shows his administration waived the requirements for over 5,000 illegal aliens and their supporters to rally in Charlotte without any police presence or security.

The primary in on May 6. These videos are released during today’s May 1 immigration protests.

Charlotte law requires events in public parks to hire one police officer for every 500 attendees at a cost of $35 per hour per officer. Over ten officers should have been present at these events on 4/25/2006 in Marshall Park which is adjacent to Mayor Pat McCrory’s offices.

We don’t need no stinking permits in Charlotte with Pat McCrory

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