Properly Folding and Displaying Your Memorial Flag

By: Guest Authors

By: Richard Blodgett

Did you know that not all 5′ x 9.5′ burial flags are the same size? Some will fold up beautiful the first time, giving you 3 stars on the bottom and 1 star on top. Others will not, this is what you do.

Here is how to fold a Burial Flag so that the end result will give you that perfect look.

* For respect of our flag and what it stands for – Do Not put flag on floor!

* Just to let you know: There is no disrespect involved in refolding a Memorial Flag.

*This is a two person task.*

First have flag unfolded and one person at each end of flag (one near the stripes and one at the stars).

1)Fold the flag in half (long ways) two times. You will now have a long rectangle (approx. 15 or 16 inches wide and 9’6″ long and the brass ring holes will be up and to the right of the folders view).

2)Start at the “stripes” end and fold from bottom right, up towards the left to create a triangle. Continue folding flag (end over end) until you have “less than” a full fold left over. Place the excess in the crease (flag layers) to keep flag together.

If you turn this flag over and see three full star on the bottom and one on top (with portions of others), you are done. If your stars do not look like this (most wont), please read on.

*Not all burial flags are exactly 5 foot by 9 1/2 foot. They very considerably. This first step will define where the stars will set in your triangle on the last fold. Please pay attention.*

2a) On this First fold, instead of a full fold make a 3/4 fold. If your overall width is 15″ make the first fold at 13″ . (see chart for details, on my site) On the chart, this shows A,B,C and D. A is for the first try, how to see where your stars line up. B,C and D show you how to start with a partial fold, then continue the fold until you just have enough for tucking into the crease. Adjust the size of the first fold until you get your stars just the way you want them.

The thing about 5′ x 9.5′ burial flags are that they are manufactured from various companies. These companies may start with 5′x9.5′ measurements, but after turning and sewing the ends they usually are various sizes. I have 4 burial flags and none of them are the same measurements.

Make sure that the flag is placed in the case properly. No brass rings are to be shown, nor white or red either. Only the Blue background and the stars. (Preferably 4 – 3 bottom, 1 top center) A very good example is on my “About Page”. That flag folded up beautifully the first time. Other just don’t.

One more thing; I have had visitors ask me about placing ribbons, casings and photos in the flag case with and on the flag. Well, this is totally up to you. Nowhere have I ever read or seen anything that says it shouldn’t be done. This is your loved one, you call the shots. I made a flag case where I have placed three casings in with the flag (on site, “western”) in pilot holes, and the customer was going to pin his fathers ribbon on the left side of the flag (which is where a soldier would where their ribbons).

Thank you for reading and email me if you have any questions.

Richard (MFDC)

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