No Boxer or Brief Questions for Hillary Clinton

By: Ken Hughes

The left is a tad-bit upset Democratic presidential candidates are showing up on Fox Cable News. Chris Wallace interviewed Barack Obama and was able to finally extract some answers not heretofore heard from candidate Obama. Obama seemed to have very different answers regarding the War in Iraq than his speeches indicate when he’s out wowing the voters. Somewhere in-between his town hall appearances and his Fox News interview the voters may find the real Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton seemed to actually enjoy the combative nature of her appearances with Bill O’Reilly. The questions were hard hitting but respectful, her answers were the same. For once Hillary Clinton was able to be the real Hillary Clinton. There were no softball questions such as, does she wear boxers of briefs or does she prefer Duncan Hynes over Betty Crocker pastry mix. Hillary Clinton and Bill O’Reilly were able to get to the heart of her campaign. For as hard as it may have been she was able to address her intentions to tax the public to the maximum and beyond. To her credit she held nothing back.

The interviewers, Wallace and O’Reilly left several questions unanswered. Neither ask either candidate why they aren’t including congress in the magnanimous changes they propose? It was never suggested to the candidates that perhaps congress wouldn’t go along with many of their programs. Presidential candidates traditionally make promises both they and the voters know will never come to fruition. What sounds good out in rural America will never see the light of day in the halls of congress, nor should it.

Most research data indicates a significant number of voters, [often enough to sway elections one way or the other] don’t actually make up their minds whom to vote for until they’re in the booth with the curtain drawn. The media in an attempt to fill the voids between events speculate on a number of what-ifs, Often the public only hears the sound bit and moves on thinking what they heard was news and accept it as that when in fact it wasn’t.

How has the Democratic Parties nomination process become so convoluted it’s come to this. At the dawn of the Democratic Parties [New Deal] progressive policies [1933] were being enacted it became necessary to alter the way presidential candidates were nominated. At that point they began nominating candidates at a national convention. Then around 1970 George McGovern took the process a step further by organizing caucuses and primaries in order more of the general public could participate. The next step was to appoint what they refer to as super delegates these are prominent Democrats who vote for a nominee just in case the primary voters don’t select the candidate the party officials pre-selected as their candidate. It seems the old smoke filled back room politics is still alive and well.

Democrats have a way of messing up most of their elections. John Kennedy won the election with the help of a few thousand dead Chicago residents. Richard Nixon accepted the results and the process went forward. George Bush won the Electoral College votes and Al Gore petitioned the US Supreme Court to rewrite the constitution to suit Democrats.

John Dean the head of the DNC is now suggesting a select committee be appointed to choose a candidate for the super delegates to vote for. If this sounds somewhat questionable to the readers it’s even more so to try to explain it to the readers. There’s a great deal I don’t understand Democrats are vehement about, For an example how can Democrats disenfranchise the citizens of two states, Michigan and Florida and still call it democracy.

I’ve never understood why we should pay nearly half of our income in taxes to support, farmers, foreign nations, underachievers, ridiculous research into insignificant programs, bridges and highways to nowhere etc.

I’m sure the founding fathers would be appalled at how far congress has strayed from the mandates of the constitution. The founding fathers risk their reputations, their fortunes and their lives to establish the first government of “We the People” the world had ever seen. Today’s politicians are making a mockery of all the founding fathers risk guaranteeing freedom for future generations.

None of the three candidates have the public’s interests at heart. They’re to busy telling the voters what they think to listen to what the voters actually think. Being a government official isn’t supposed to be about substituting their views for the publics. It should be about representing the public to the best of their ability, from the president down to the person who runs the street sweeper.

When casting your votes for President, it’s not what the candidates are telling the voters that will count. It’s what they can convince 535 congress persons that will determine their effectiveness.

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