Mexican Pride: Much Ado About Nothing?

By: John Lillpop

Cinco de Mayo is touted as a major holiday for Mexicans, a day on which the people can demonstrate their immense national pride if you will.

But the obvious question is: Pride in what?

Good heavens, Mexico is a third-world sewer than cannot feed, house, clothe, or provide health care for its own citizens.

From education to sanitation, Mexico is an inferior, struggling culture that is more about corruption and crime than culture and progressive living.

Now, the United Nations has declared that “the impunity with which Mexico victimizes Central American immigrants makes it the principal violator of human rights on the American continent.”

That would be the same Mexico that complains bitterly at the treatment that illegal aliens from Mexico receive in America. Is it high Chutzpah, or high stupidity, that drives Mexican leaders?

During the Cinco de Mayo festivities this weekend, thousands of screaming drunks waved Mexican flags and marched through the street to protest law and order in America.

Can you imagine anything more arrogant and dumb?

What would happen if a band of illegal aliens from Guatemala decided to shut down Mexico city with a stupid parade and protest march? Don’t you just know that Mexican authorities would round up the miscreants and deport them immediately?

Mexico’s water is non-potable and dangerous. Diseases long ago eradicated in most nations continue to plague the backward and inferior Mexico.

Again the pertinent question: Mexican Pride, Much ado about nothing?

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