Iraq Is Not Lost Because The US Military Is Still There

By: Guest Authors

By: Keith Quackenbush

I vividly remember my father sometime in 1980 (he was 70 years old at the time) cursing at the television when the Iranians were parading American hostages through the streets. My father was a quiet, reserved man that I never heard swear before in my life. He said, and I quote…”the United States is the most powerful nation in the world and we should not put up with this ….” It was at that moment that he then described for me the first time of his exploits in World War II. He told me about how he helped refuel airplanes in Africa and Italy and Germany and so many other places. He told me how he enlisted into the Army the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He went on to discuss with me stories about how he was not a hero and how he just did what he had to do. I remember how the tears welled up in his eyes watching that television screen. I remember thinking that I really did not know my father as well as I thought I knew him. He then turned to me and told me stories of how powerful our nation was and how I should never forget what his generation did. He quietly asked me to promise that I taught my children about World War II. Not the glory or the death, but the sacrifice and the hardship that he and millions of other people experienced.

This article is only a small portion of my payment to my father’s request.

Despite all of the negative reports we hear from Iraq there are so many more positive moments that are not mentioned. A brief excerpt of cheerful news is how many ordinary Iraqi citizens are now free and living in a democracy? How many schools have been built? How many children have been immunized? How many soldiers (Iraqi) were not killed because of the self imposed rules of engagement?

If the United States is able to help establish an actual democracy in the Middle East that can support itself how much is that worth to the future security of not only America, but the entire free world? What if Iraq did survive and Israel was not the only American ally? It is no wonder that there is so much being done to thwart American efforts because if Iraq does become a truly free nation then it will soon be the local powerhouse because free people are too hard to be beat down. Free people will be able to stand in the face of tyranny and not only survive but also be able to thrive.

So the next time you read a negative story about the American role in Iraq do not despair. The United States news media is really not doing its job. It is not reporting the true story of our military in its role. Despite what you read you can rest assured that freedom in the Middle East is growing. That taste of freedom has sprouted into new water supply systems and a national cell phone network and hundreds of other things you were never told have happened.

The taste of freedom has started a small fire in the hearts of the average Iraqi and that fire is growing. If we, as a nation give those people a chance to grow they will soon reach a point that they will be unstoppable. Freedom is the best weapon we can give them and that is what my father told me. I will never forget his statement. He said that America conquered the entire world and we gave it all back. He went on to tell me about how America was the first nation to EVER conquer others and then just leave it in control of those that were beaten. We marched all across Europe and Africa and Japan and places you never heard of before. After we beat back tyranny we gave it all back and left the people to rule themselves. In return we asked for nothing!

The United States has done magical things in Iraq and I am sad to report we have become our own worst enemy. We need to stop debating to pay for the war. We need to stop bickering over how the effort is being waged. The nation needs to come together and get this thing done. Today, thanks to my father and his friends we are still the most powerful nation in the world. It is interesting to note though that the war in Iraq will not end with an atomic bomb or some other fiendishly horrible device. The war in Iraq will end with the gift of freedom and that gift was given by people like my father and now his grandchildren are passing on it to others.

Do not give up on our efforts in Iraq, give it a chance. The gift of freedom is not free and can be be very fragile. Let us nurture this freedom and let us help our soldiers complete their mission.

Keith Quackenbush is a graduate of St. John’s University and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. He and his wife (Sue) have been seeking knowledge on weightloss and have realized there is no magic pill to lose weight. is the destination achieved from the inadequate weight loss websites that really did not help others lose weight. Let the weightloss journey begin.

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