Can Hillary Clinton Still Pull It Off

By: Ken Hughes

Traditionally nothing is ever settled by Democrats until the last gavel sounds at their national conventions. Historically the primaries aren’t the deciding factor, which was a George McGovern innovation. Some of the leading candidate’s indiscretions seem to get in the way baring them from becoming the nominee. Hillary Clinton may escape any such unknown indiscretions because there are none. Hillary Clinton has been an open book for years. If it’s politically inappropriate you can bet Hillary or Bill has already done it at least once.

Barack Obama isn’t out of the woods yet, he still has a ton of questions bringing him down, his wife Michelle and her anti-American comments as well as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. That’s assuming there aren’t any more out there we have yet to hear from. Just how close has he been to Lewis Farrakhan and his Black Muslim origination? Black politics in Chicago takes a lot of questionable turns. Back in the day Barack Obama’s father-in-law was one of Old Mayor Daley’s operatives. That alone gives him a leg up in Chicago’s Democratic Cabal, one long known for its questionable antics.

I’m sure Hillary has gone back to the tapes of the 2000 presidential election to see just how George Bush grabbed victory from the pundit’s prediction of his defeat. As I recall before all the votes were counted NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and NPR had pulled the Champaign Corks and were toasting Al Gore’s victory. At the time Democrat Al Gore was so pissed he demanded the Supreme Courts of both Florida and the US set aside the constitution and recognize his victory. Democrats have always been sore losers all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. Why would Hillary Clinton be an exception?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t a few court challenges in store for this Democratic campaign. Hillary Clinton can have the charm of a grandmother the temperament of an ex-mother–in-law, and the cunning of a Cobra.

If Republicans lose the presidency and both houses of congress in 2008 it will be because they’ve become fat incompetent hogs [no offence intended to hogs] as opposed to the lean fighting machine they should have become after the disastrous congressional losses of 2006.

Go get-em Hillary you’re a better man than Obama!

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