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May 12, 2008

US Indicts Top Int’l Arms Dealer for Conspiracy to Kill Americans, Terrorism

A major international arms dealer — Viktor Bout, a/k/a Boris, a/k/a Victor Anatoliyevich Bout, a/k/a Victor But, a/k/a Viktor Budd, a/k/a Viktor Butt, a/k/a Viktor Bulakin, a/k/a Vadim Markovich Aminov — was indicted for, among other things, conspiring to sell …

Obama Agrees to PROTECT Union Corruption, not Eliminate it

Filed under: The Democrats - 12 May 2008

So, Barack Obama claims he is a reformer. He claims he wants to clean up Washington D.C. He acts as if he just wants the truth told to the people. Well, here is some truth. According to the Wall

Questioning Pagan Gospel

Filed under: Myths & Lies,Politically Incorrect Reality - 12 May 2008

A few things for the high priests of environmental paganism to ponder when they next forgather to worship their own egos. Barton Bennett sent me a link for Dr. Walter Williams’s column reminding us how far from the …

Obama’s Church Is A Political Entity In God’s House

Cybercast News [CNSNews.Com] just published a report on some of the previous anti-American activities of Trinity United Church of Christ, Senator Obama’s church of over twenty years. In several of the Church bulletins written in 2007 and before there’s undisputable …

Howard Dean’s Folly

Filed under: The Democrats - 12 May 2008

Do leaders of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) actually expect the American people to believe that their party has the wherewithal to manage the most powerful nation of earth, when that same party is apparently unable to manage a simple …