Obama’s Church Is A Political Entity In God’s House

By: Ken Hughes

Cybercast News [CNSNews.Com] just published a report on some of the previous anti-American activities of Trinity United Church of Christ, Senator Obama’s church of over twenty years. In several of the Church bulletins written in 2007 and before there’s undisputable evidence Rev. Wright wasn’t the only racist in the congregation. Several of the associate pastors had written anti-American articles distributed in the churches weekly bulletins over a period of years.

There’s the often used argument of racists and others antagonists that suggests, they’re not anti-American they’re anti-American government. We are a nation of “We the People” governed by the people it’s impossible to be one and not the other.

There’s nothing more pathetic than those who perceive themselves to be the oppressed using that image to oppress and cajole others. Anyone using racisms to further an agenda is exhibiting despicable behavior.

The following are some of the writings published by associate pastors of [Trinity United Church of Christ.] in the churches weekly bulletins.

Israel in cooperation with the former South African Government worked together to produce an “ethnic bomb” designed to kill blacks and Arabs. The United States Army was training Hispanic Military personnel at the School of the Americas to be terrorists and kill blacks and Arabs. The US government created the aids virus to wipe out African Americans. These are a few of the ridiculous allegation published in the churches Weekly New Letters.

How can supposed men of God be so vindictive in their opinions of their fellow countrymen? How can a congregation tolerate such vile sentiments over such a long period of time? How can a candidate for president spend two decades in a church that’s more about politics than religion and not know what is going on? I for one can’t believe Barack Obama didn’t know what his church was all about. It makes some of us wonder if he can be trusted to know what goes on in the government if he becomes president.

Throughout 2007 the year Obama was deciding if he would run for president anti-American government articles consistently appeared in the churches weekly bulletins. For now the Obama campaign is declining to comment of any of the politically inspired articles distributed to the congregation within the church. Some time some place Barack Obama is going to have to explain his involvement in his church / political / anti-Americans club if not now then in the general election.

Every presidential candidate starts out emulating a Prince on a White Horse coming to save America from its self. After all we are a nation of “We the People” governed by “We the People”. If there are flaws in the government system it can’t be blamed on any single person or group of people it must be accepted as being the fault of the people as a whole. The founding fathers made sure any inequities in the system would be the fault of the general public correctable by elections, when the system doesn’t work its due to ambivalence on the part of the voters and not a president.

Somewhere along the line political parties elections became dominant over public interests. The founding fathers created a new form of government where the people’s voices would be the deciding factor. The public would choose their representation to do their bidding. Somewhere probably about the time of Thomas Jefferson political party agendas began to become dominant. As time passed and politics became more a science than a philosophy the system got out of balance.. As government departments and government bureaucracies grew government elected officials began to believe they were indispensable, campaign experts took over as handlers.

Without exception the current crop of presidential candidates are spending millions of dollars trying to convince the public they alone can vastly improve life in America.

Of the twenty seven countries I’ve visited I can’t think of one country I would rather live than America. I don’t know of any country where citizens and non-citizens alike enjoy the opportunities and the freedoms they do in America. There are always inequities that exist but over time and with patients these things are usually worked out. It doesn’t take a government bureaucrat to show reasonable people how to act reasonable.

President Bush will be leaving the Oval office in January of 2009. Only time will tell how long it takes for his advocacies to accept he isn’t in charge any longer. How long will it take for the next president to become demonized like Bill Clinton and George Bush have been?

Call me an optimist but I believe it’s time for the public to ignore the media and start to look at the brighter side of being an American citizen. God loves us now it’s time we love our brothers, sisters and ourselves.

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