Should America Invade Mexico?

By: John Lillpop

Given the fact that Mexico has, in effect, declared war on our sovereign nation by sponsoring the invasion of America by as many as 38 million illiterate peasants from Mexico, is it not time for the United States to respond?

And respond with vigor?

For example. Congress should formally declare war on Mexico, effective immediately.

President Bush should be ordered to use whatever military force might be needed to wrest control of Mexico from Felipe Calderon and other Mexican elitists whose only solution to domestic problems is to illegally export the problems to America.

Once the US military has firm control of the nation, a task that should take about four hours, tops, Mexico’s oil production fields and facilities should be seized.

All oil proceeds should be sent to the US treasury as partial compensation for the hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars wasted by giving public services to illegal aliens.

Other actions that must be undertaken immediately:

*All foreign aid to Mexico should be cut off;

*An interim government should be established and controlled by Tom Tancredo who should serve as the acting president of Mexico, pending further action by the US.

*Tancredo’s administration should include Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Duncan Hunter of California, and other reasonable conservatives.

*Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio should replace Michael Chertoff as the head of Homeland Security. Arpaio’s only priority should be to locate and deport every illegal alien in America, using whatever military and domestic police resources he might need.

*The Tancredo administration should re-write the Mexican constitution and make it a capitol offense for any person in Mexico to cross America’s borders illegally, and to make English the official language of Mexico.

*Melanie Morgan should be appointed Director of FDA in Mexico. She should immediately ban the production, sale, export, and consumption of tostadas, burritos, and all other Mexican food because of fat, carbohydrates, sodium and other deadly ingredients.

Once law and order has been established in Mexico, Tancredo and his colleagues should return to America and fix the mess here as well!

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