Capitalism VS Socialism

By: Guest Authors

By: Glen Goodrum

A small island of “Capitalism” HongCong” saved China from going bankrupt But mainland China is still Socialist. Some say China is now a capitalist nation. Not true it uses Hongcongs capitalism to sale is cheap goods.

These goods are made by under payed workers. This is a perfect example of how Capitalism is good and Socialism is bad. Capitalism brings riches and Socialism brings poverty.

Capitalism gives freedom and Socialism takes away freedom.

WE have helped feed the 3 World country’s.WE have given and given help to them and we were able to because we practiced Democratic Capitalism. So why do so many people want Socialism?

Some are just being scam ed and some are true believers.Others just want more power.

Many like myself thought that we had defeated Socialism when the USSR fell and adopted Capitalism. Sadly this was not the case. What happened was many of its members joined Liberal groups and continued to work within them. The results can be seen today.

We have more politicians spewing socialist garbage than anytime in our history.

The truth is Democratic Capitalism when guided by Christian principals is the best form of Government not Socialism.

Why are Christian principles objectable to Liberals? Because on the hold their principles are of a much lower slandered. Many Liberals are willing to give away the freedoms that Capitalism brings for socialism because they then can practice their lower standards under it. This is why we have so many liberals in the Government today.

Socialism has all ways been the enemy of Capitalism and still is.

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