NC Decision to Bar Illegal Aliens Could Have National Impact!


The North Carolina based national organization ALIPAC is commending state Attorney General Roy Cooper and the NC Community College System for barring illegal aliens from colleges after a lengthy public debate.

ALIPAC is credited for playing a key role in defeating in-state tuition for illegal aliens in NC in 2005 and the group’s President has been on many national television shows and North Carolina talk radio shows fighting against the decision to allow illegal aliens into NC Community Colleges.

“This ruling by the NC Attorney General could have a far reaching national impact,” says William Gheen. “Many states are allowing illegal aliens to attend their colleges at full price and a few are even forcing taxpayers to foot the bill with in-state tuition. Other states are going to notice NC’s precedent and move to follow our lead.”

Many state and national polls show super majorities of Americans opposed to any taxpayer benefits or college access for illegal aliens in America. ALIPAC is calling on other states to follow the lead of NC Attorney General Roy Cooper and to bar all illegal aliens from all taxpayer funded colleges.

“We must turn off all incentives for illegal aliens and access to American colleges is clearly an incentive for illegal alien families to come here,” says Gheen. “There are plenty of colleges back in their home countries they can attend. American workers and American students need every seat in college today in America. Many of our states are facing huge budget deficits and need to keep the focus on American and legal immigrant students.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or ALIPAC was formed on 9/11/2004 and by design and practice is open to Americans of all races and walks of life who oppose illegal immigration. The group is renowned nationally for helping to pass many state laws that enforce immigration laws and for helping to stop the Amnesty bills in the US Senate in 2007.

The groups President, William Gheen, has worked extensively in the past with many NC Lawmakers on both sides of the isle and has been a very vocal critic of the bias and censorship surrounding these issues in publications such as the Raleigh News & Observer.

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