‘Is Michelle Obama a Nagger?’

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By Bob McCarty

There have been a lot of news reports and feature stories published about the wife of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama during the past year or so, but I have yet to come across many insightful details about how the wannabe first lady and her husband get along in private. In short, I haven’t seen any reports yet that answer the question, “Is Michelle Obama a nagger?”*

I ask that question only after observing that this woman, who will become First Lady of the United States IF, God forbid, her husband wins the general election in November, appears to be very opinionated, exactly the type of person who would not be content with the role of attending to First Lady duties in the manner of Laura Bush and all of her predecessors, except Hillary Clinton. If you don’t believe me, check out the two Michelle Obama speeches highlighted in this video.

Do you think Michelle Obama is a nagger? If so, I invite you to take part in an unscientific online poll (see bottom of this post) to determine exactly what type of nagger she is, based on the descriptions of four types of naggers I found published in an interesting AskMen.com article by Phillip Gordon:

* The Innocent: This is the one nagger that doesn’t really mean to nag. She brings up problems that she has to make you aware of, but tries to do so without making you angry or starting an argument. Chances are her intentions are good, she just needs a little work on her approach.

* The Chatterbox: This nagger never seems to stop. But her nagging rarely escalates into real fights because you’ve probably learned to effectively zone her out (by the way, this is a good method that I’ll cover later; just don’t let her catch you).

* The Riddler: Ah, the nagger that nags without nagging (say that five times fast). She says things like, “Would you like to try and guess why the green plates are not in the cabinet?” You have no idea what she’s talking about and she knows it, otherwise why would she be asking in the first place?

* The T-Rex: If she doesn’t rip your head off while screaming at you, you got away lucky. It seems as though she actually grows horns when the nagging starts, the room gets a little darker, you know it’s coming and there’s no place to run. Scientific studies conducted within the AskMen laboratories showed conclusive evidence that she may very well be one of Satan’s minions. Good luck with all that.

Again, to participate in the poll, visit this post.

* * *

*Editor’s Note: Pay close attention. I wrote nagger — with an “a” — and not the other word which was buried back in July 2007 and dug up again March 11 by soon-to-be-impeached-and-tried Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

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