Woman Who Exposed Child Pornographer Bernie Ward Speaks

By: John Lillpop

Bernie Ward, ultra-leftist, former Catholic Priest, former talk show host, and the “Lion of the Left,” in San Francisco will taste of justice. This hypocritical pervert will spend five years in a federal prison for outrageous felonies involving child pornography.

This despicable leftist, who sees himself as intellectually superior, turns out to have the practical IQ of a tissue of toilet paper, but not nearly the utility thereof.

ABC-News in San Francisco, former employer of the bloated, bombastic simpleton, has produced an interview with one Linda Figueiredo, the woman at the center of the child pornography case against the man who, in addition to his nightly insanity, hosted “God Talk” on Sunday mornings on KGO Radio.


Among other things, Ms. Figueiredo said the following: “I think that he needs to sit in that prison cell and I think he needs to think about what he did. What he did didn’t affect just one person, it affected those children that he had on that computer screen that are all over the Internet. It affected me, I was highly stressed, it put me into a deep depression for four years. And I think he needs to sit there and I think justice has been served.”

Well said, Ms. Figueiredo!

We, the listening public in the San Francisco Bay Area, are indebted to you for exposing Mr. Ward’s immoral and illegal behavior to the authorities.
Getting that man off the air and into a prision cell should qualify you for the highest level of community service recognition possible!

May Bernie Ward’s days in prision be haunted by the memory of you and your courageous act of public service.

Let this creep do his roaring in a cage occupied by similarly perverted human animals!

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