The Reality TV Phenomena and the Possible Picking of a President

By: Lance Winslow

During this current political process it appears as if voters and non-voting citizens alike are mesmerized and glued to their television sets. In fact, it’s as if this entire nomination process is just made for TV. One has to ask, is this for real, or is this Memorex?

What I am saying here is that all this media circus surrounding this election sure looks a lot like a Reality TV Show, doesn’t it though? Where did Barack Obama come from and how was he able to pass the audition to get on the show in the first place? Did he have the inside track due to his handlers or powers that be running the studio production executives?

As all the other politicians are being thrown off the island, why is Barack Obama shining so bright? Why are the lime lights always on him? Is this a set up? Is the election process already foretold like a World Wrestling Federation fight? Are we looking at the scenario that money can buy anything, as Barack Obama’s campaign has spending 10′s of millions of dollars per week during this election process?

Is the media giving him the hedge, if so and it appears to be so from obvious observation, then why? Is his story really that compelling or is there more to this? May, I ask why we are choosing the leader of the Free World by way of Reality TV Show genre, if so, has the American Public dummied down so far that they accept this, are things really that bad? Is the mental health and IQ of the American People plummeting, are things really that pathetic. Why are people buying into this?

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