Are You Really Interested on What Barack Obama has to Say About International Affairs?

By: Lance Winslow

It is important to have a national discussion on international affairs. Our nation, like all other nations of the world, well we all rely economically on each other. The world is more connected now than ever before in the history of mankind. Everything is inter-related and everything matters. However, when we have such a national discussion on international affairs we ought to be discussing it with folks who have knowledge of all the issues.

May I be so bold to make an observation here? Senator Barack Obama is certainly not the right person to lead such a national discussion. In reality, Paris Hilton, has met more heads of state and traveled to more nations than Senator Barack Obama. Am I being too critical of Barack Obama or giving too much kudos to our beautiful blonde teen idol? Neither.

You see, Paris Hilton does have more experience traveling than Barack Obama and she has done it on her own money (she makes 5-million per year in endorsements), she did not do all this traveling on the taxpayer’s money. I’d rather have a discussion on International Affairs with Paris Hilton’s family at Thanksgiving Dinner than with Barack and Michelle Obama. Why is anyone interested on what Senator Barack Obama has to say about International Affairs?

Yes, we need a national discussion and yes this is as good a time as any, thanks for bringing this to the attention of the American People. Now, Barack step aside and let folks who know what they are talking about take it from here. Your sound bites and answers to the most pressing challenges to the future of human societies and civilizations are hurting these efforts. It’s time for you to withdraw from the race, ditch the ego and do what’s best for this nation. Not your political ambitions, if you truly care, you will step out of the way.

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