Republicans May Get Their A**es Kicked!

By: Ken Hughes

I’m a disgruntled Conservative Republican who’s mad as hell

The Republican congress has relinquished their right to the conservative label Ronald Reagan worked so hard to create for them. When Newt Gingrich was expelled as Speaker from the House of Representatives Regan conservatism followed him down the Capital steps. Republican congressmen had grown to fat and complacent to accept the “Lean Clean Fighting Machine” Newt Gingrich brought to the house.

In 1994 the house changed leadership from Democratic to Republican for one reason only and that was to bring a halt to the excesses of congress. The rhetoric heard during these primary sessions are not necessarily the views of those who will decide who is selected president in the general elections in November, The primaries are departmentalized by party, in November it becomes a one on one contest between Democrats and Republicans. Only the will we know id the country has had enough of the misdeeds of congress

Politicians by design are incompetents and moral cowards, what they espouse on the campaign trail are rarely what is in their future plans for the position they’re working so hard to attain. In order to be even partially effective as congress persons feel they must compromise, or so they believe. Congress is no longer the voice of the people it’s become the voice of the parties. The people are the sheep that get them to the green pastures of politics.

It is becoming obvious Democrats will dominate the coming November elections by winning a majority seats in both houses of congress and the presidency. The current crop of Republican Congress persons have proven they are powerless when it comes to effectively managing legislation. President Bush was remiss in not exerting more influence over Republicans in congress. Congress persons are like children they can’t be let out to play without supervision.

John McCain makes sense in much of what he says, his problem is when making laws he hasn’t followed his rhetoric John McCain has caved to the left more times than he’s stood up for his beliefs. It seems John McCain is willing to settle for half a loaf to get what he considers meaningful legislation, even when that half is the tainted half. George Bush was remiss in not using the veto pen much earlier in his administration. He accepted the trade offs even when it became obvious congress wasn’t about to honor their half of the compromise. For the past eight years congress has played George Bush like a cheap Wal Mart violin. Bush’s mistake has been not recognizing the title “Honorable” hasn’t been seen in congress in the past three quarters of a century at least.

As a conservative Republican it’s difficult for me to accept defeat this early, it gives me no comfort to effectively turn on my party. I’m also a pragmatist, I’ve learned to accept the inevitable and do my best to see it doesn’t happen again. The Republican Party like the Wig Party that preceded them has lost their way. They’ve traveled to far down the road of ambivalence for redemption. They’ve accepted the Washingtonians premise it’s them not us they represent.

The publics shift to Democrats isn’t because they believe in what the Liberals stand for, the public’s sending a message to the Republicans they better get their act together if they intend to represent Middle America in the future.

Politicians may no longer believe in the principle of “We the People” we the people haven’t lost site of what the founding fathers dedicated their lives and fortunes to pass on to “We the People” Life, Liberty and the pursuit of unencumbered representation. We the People must be able to have confidence in our elected officials. When that leadership erodes to a point it represents only itself and the minority of the country at the expense of the majority it’s time to change the system. Minorities have rights but not at the expense of the general population. Equal rights in no way infer special privileges for a few should guide the way to equality. Equal opportunity should be the benchmark America strives for, that come through education not legislation.

I have faith the right thing will eventually surface in America and all men will be treated equal by their government officials. Very soon Middle America will once more dominate politics, the specially privileged will fade away into the sunset and true equality will prevail.

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