How to Create a Secret Police State in the United States without Anyone Suspecting

By: Lance Winslow

Many folks have criticized the Bush Administration for trying to create a Police State or act like NAZI Germany. They cite random references and engage the readers of various media sound bites claiming that the Administration stirred up the hornet’s nest in the Middle East and caused the Terrorist Problem. Then make references to how the Department of Homeland Security is battening down the hatches on American Freedoms.

This makes for tense controversy and sells news, exactly what media outlets hope for. However, there is only one problem with all this. The Democrats are far more likely to cause or create a police state due to their anti-gun law initiatives, use of social control in political correctness and growing the size of government until it affects every possible aspect of your life. If you do not see this, then let me explain.

If we go for Universal Health Care, it will bankrupt this nation, thus rules will be instituted on who gets health care and anything that is deemed to be unhealthy will become against the law. Things like drinking, smoking or even being fat. To get health care at the government’s cost, actually your increased taxes will be footing the bill, you will have to prove that you jog or walk 3-5 miles per day and eat right. Your daily intake of food will be measured and controlled.

You will have no choice but to adapt. If you fail to, society will condemn you and institute more rules to prevent you from harming yourself, gaining weight or failing to exercise. Court ordered exercise will be issued by law. Of course, this will happen over quite a few years so you will not notice. Do you doubt me? Well, what about the laws in NY; no transfat? How about the increased taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, although it does not bother me, I really don’t drink or smoke, that is inhibiting your choices.

Have you ever noticed that when a random person disrupts a Republican Speech, he or she is put up on a pedestal in the media; Cindy Sheehan. But, if someone disrupts a Democrat Candidate speech, they get tazed, and you do not even know their name, only remember them as the; “Don’t Taze Me Dude.” Well, it’s much worse than this. If you search; “Bush is a liar” or Bush is an Idiot” you come up with 100 million blog posts, but if anyone says “Obama is an idiot” then they get attacked by the left wing radicals.

Many college students search the Internet and attack anyone who says anything against an Obama comment or anyone who questions Senator Obama’s voting record, radical preacher, connection to organized crime, international diplomacy theories, or personal character. Amazing isn’t it. Do you know why? Because the media is assisting in creating social control of the masses amongst their own and this is crushing Free Speech and it is in essence allowing laws to be passed at a much faster rate, that are so similar to those of a police state.

Did you know that Hitler was of the labor party? Yep, so is Obama, he supports Unions or so he claims, and has even asked to remove laws that categorize some labor endeavors as criminal activity. Why? Who does it serve to allow Unions and Mobsters to reunite as in past periods? Sure Obama comes from Chicago and that is politics as usual, but someone with that sort of mindset and training need not run this great nation. Labor is a component of economics, let it ride in free markets like anything else, and let it follow the same rules. Why give labor unions the upper hand, that only raises labor costs and sends jobs out of America.

It is amazing that all the problems that Obama has identified are indeed, the same exact problems that his line of thinking cause. Next, Obama will call for increased tariffs on imported goods, causing strife in other nations causing them to hate us, right when Obama tells us that the World hates us and we need to fix that? His argument there is too shallow to consider. Yet, he says we need to give more foreign aid, well, just think how much aid we must give to them if we stifle trade in world markets?

Obama tells us that there is a racial divide in the US, well, everyone knows that but we are mending fences or where quite well until he came along and created more animosity there, why? To get elected, so then it’s okay to get blacks and whites all up in arms again if it’s good for Obama’s campaign, but it’s not good if anyone else mentions it? If they do then they are a racist and that proves there is a racal divide? Yah right, created and flames fanned by whom? Obama.

Senator Barack Obama has been accused as being the most liberal of all Senators, I’d like to say he is the most “Socialistic” of all US Senators and his voting record proves it. Why is it that Senator Obama calls us all to join together in a common cause and heal our nation, when he is so far left that he has lost sight of reality. Now mind you my comments here about Obama are not anti-black, anti-Obama or anti-democrat. I have chosen not to vote for any of the above on either side of this so-called divide. This election process has turned into a media circus for the minds of the masses, who have obviously surrendered their brains to the local TV sets.

Voting is a wasteful process when millions of Americans, blind as sheep go marching off in lock-step for a man like Obama, who has never really done anything in his life worthy of becoming a President and the leader of some 5 Billion people in the Free World. It is time for Senator Barack Obama to take some media scrutiny, be brought back to size and exposed for what he is, what he really believes in and to face the music along with his expert PR handlers. Barack Obama is not good enough to be President of the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind. Think about it, get a better candidate and open your minds to reality.

If we were to implement all the things Senator Barack Obama has promised and create laws to insure that it would be done, then the government would grow by 100% during his term and your taxes would increase by nearly as much. Is that the country you want to live in, because it would be getting to be such a highly regulated society that it would feel just like a police state. Doubt what I am saying? Look around the world and see the causality of such policies, then you tell me.

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