Is the Media Causing PTSD with Viewers by Over Playing Obama Footage?

By: Lance Winslow

In recent months we have read of issues with soldiers having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in record numbers and in the last couple of weeks psychologists have noted the rise of foreclosures are having dire affects on the mental health of families in America. Has it occurred to anyone that much of this stress has been induced by the media itself?

For instance, a man who serves his country and lives through the hell of war only to be told his friends died in vain and the war is stupid, is sure to have psychological problems. These anti-war media echoed comments from Democrats only add to the actual issues of PTSD, often causing mild cases that could normally be dealt with to become exacerbated.

And, if we look at the economic situation in the US, much of it was caused by a destroying of consumer confidence, which occurred in part by Democrats telling everyone that the economy was bad, when in fact the economy had never been better in the history of our Republic. So, many of the challenges we face today in America are media induced thanks to the negative comments, Bush hate speech and mimicking of anti-American sentiment of our enemies.

Amazingly enough even with the bombarding of the minds of the American People of all this insanity, our nation is doing quite well considering. But do you know what is really hurting America right now? It’s all the massive BS being slung by politicians during this Presidential race. America is sure to need psychological help with PTSD due to all the Obama footage being played by the mass media hysteria during this nomination process. It’s just incredible what money can buy.

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