Actually My Friend; the World Does Not Owe You Anything

By: Lance Winslow

Contrary to popular liberal belief and the sense of entitlement, which has permeated our society; the world does not owe you anything. An individual is responsible for their actions and their decisions; each choice that each of us makes every single day determines our forward progression in life and our ultimate success in society.

The government does not owe you or your family anything. It is not the government’s job to guarantee your happiness. In the United States of America you are allowed and entitled to pursue happiness but you are not necessarily to be granted happiness nor should that ever be guaranteed. For if it was there will be no reason to perform, work hard or create productivity. In a nation where no one tries, nothing will ever get done and that nation will ultimately fail. This is why socialism will not work.

The more that is handed to the people without them actually earning at, the more that society becomes weak. The Christians have a very interesting comment about this and I’m sure you have heard the famous quote; “Do Not Give a Man a Fish – Teach a Man to Fish.” It is this fundamental principle, which has stood the test of time.

As much as Barrack Obama declares that he wishes to help the poor and downtrodden, in actuality his skewed view of the world and liberal thinking does nothing more than leave people in poverty and make them weak, unable to care for themselves or dig out of their hole. Humans are not a weak species, but they can become the weak and become lackadaisical in their daily endeavors if they are given everything. Sender by Barrack Obama did not get to be a Senator by sitting on his butt.

It is interesting that the Senator would follow a Reverend who blames the white man for all the ills of the poor black community on the Southside of Chicago and then demand that the rich white man give money and create more social programs to help the poor. This backwards thinking will only cause the black community to become more weak and poorer over time. Senator Barrack Obama is doing a severe injustice to all the poor people in America. His political rhetoric is liable to cause them to be in poverty for many more generations. Please think on this. Microphone off!

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