Four for Posterity

By: Warner Todd Huston

This weekend, there are millions of Americans ready to celebrate the adventures of Indiana Jones. There are those talking of American Idol winner David Cook. Many are excited about race car driver Danica Patrick’s upcoming attempt to take the Indianapolis 500. These names come easily off the tongues of our fellow citizens. But there are four names that no one seems to know and more is the shame for it. For this we can thank a media that refuses to serve the people, but we can also worry if it is a failing in where we’ve come as a society.

In any case, these four names belong to some true Americans whom we all owe a great debt, one that can never be repaid except by remembering their efforts. The four names of which I speak are those of the most recent Medal of Honor winners who sacrificed their last breath for all of us.

So, with this season’s Memorial Day message, I’d like to take a few moments to remember these four men who gave their all in service to their country.

Corporal Jason L. Dunham, USMC received the MOH for his heroic actions of April 14th, 2004 in Karabilah, Iraq. There he covered an insurgent’s grenade with his own body to save the lives of his fellow Marines.

Master-at-Arms Second Class Michael A. Monsoor, USN also shielded his fellow soldiers from a grenade blast using his own body in September of 2006. His selfless action saved the lives of the rest of his squad.

Army Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith dispatched as many as 50 enemy soldiers by manning a .50 caliber machine gun mounted in an exposed position in order to beat back an overwhelming enemy attack. Sgt. Smith lost his life in the attack.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN also lost his life in an attempt to call in air support to get his fellow troops extricated from an untenable position. To do so, Lt. Murphy had to place himself in an exposed position and under enemy fire so that the radio would find reception. His actions saved the lives of the rest of his team.

In a nation that is seemingly losing its sense of self, its feeling that heroes walk among us, we take just a few minutes this weekend to remember those who have served us. To every member of our armed forces, alive and passed, in combat or support, we thank you for your service. No matter what your job was, we thank you for your service.

But, to those who gave their last best efforts we bow our heads to remember their sacrifice of life and limb. We thank them all for suffering for us.

Happy Memorial Day and God bless our armed forces.

Yours in service,

Warner Todd Huston

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