When Liberals Can’t Control The Vote

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Wonkette Destroys Patriot/Traitor Ranking Website. A vote process liberals cannot control must be stopped. They take credit for trying to destory it, while their comments show their real intentions:

‘heathen’ posted: “Wonkette Power! yeah! and that’s why I heart wonkette! also nice work getting paid to hack their election all those of you who voted during work!” It would seem that the employer for most of those votes and visits would be ‘you’. The visits to http://www.countryaboveself.com, linked in from wonkette, during business hours looked like a who’s-who of government agencies (FCC, DOJ, Defense Department, House, Senate, Navy, OSIS [Intelligence agencies], and many more) , law firms, universities and thousands of individuals.

‘indigowarrior’ posted: “This voter fraud brought to you by Wonkette & Diebold. Partnering to bring you a brighter and more artificial America.”

‘Trai_Dep’ posted: “They banned someone (please let it be a Wonketteer) for nominating John Hinkley as a patriot. Were they upset because he took six shots, or because he missed?”

In the initial story posted by Wonkette, “Wingnuts Rank America’s Best Patriots, Worst Traitors,” ‘AngryBlakGuy’ responded, “…if these are the “Patriots” then in the immortal words Rev. Wright ‘GOD DAMN AMERICA!!!’”
Within an hour of that first report on Wonkette, the site was hacked. Only the vote database was destroyed. It was replaced with a backup. Two more hacks later… there have been thousands of visits from the wonkette story and over 40 nominations placed by wonkette linked visitors. Those nominations have ranged from John Hinkley and Adolph Hitler as Patriots, George Washington, John Adams and Abraham Lincoln as Traitors, God and Jesus as Traitors, Santa Claus, John Kennedy, and numerous attempts for George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales and even the ‘corpse of Ronald Reagan’, all as Traitors. The first access banned was the U.S. House for nominating ‘Joe Turncoat’, obviously an attack on Joe Lieberman.

A good deal of visits came from email messages. But most came from Wonkette. Who was reading Wonkette? George Soros’ Open Society Institute, hillaryclinton.com, many Soros backed 527 groups, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NewsCorp, CBS News, Reuters, The Associated Press, Congressional Quarterly, PBS Newshour, and many city-wide newspapers. That would explain a great deal.

Many of the news organizations watched the top video: George Bush’s “It’s A Wonderful Country”, which tells a true story of national interest.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for ‘progressives’ to see a vote process they cannot control. ‘DangerousLiberal’ posted: “Don’t game the site until the early returns are recorded! When we socialist pinko freedom haters take over, this will be an outstanding list of the first cohort of inmates in our reeducation camps.” Do you think he’s kidding?

To paraphrase Attorney General Mike Mukasey, ‘I’m surprised, I am surprised.’ Six years ago my wife and I had our lives threatened and a career destroyed and have spent the time since waiting. But we never stepped down. We won’t step down, now. The video may be silly, but the story sure isn’t.

My question for them is, why does the mention of the word ‘Traitor’ cause instant defensiveness for liberals?

http://www.countryaboveself.com in three more days it will have been 1000 days since something happened. To those who know, do you hear me now? It’s only going to get louder.

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