Wanted Congresspersons Willing To Represent “We The People”

By: Ken Hughes

The thought of Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or John McCain in charge of the nation’s financial affairs is beyond frightening it’s something that could set America back [as we know it] seventy years to the days of “FDR’s New Deal.” Not one of these persons has ever been required to balance a budget, or account for their expenditures. All they know is when congress runs out of spending money, [not to worry] the publics there to refill the governments coffers. Not all Liberals are Democrats and not all Democrats are Liberal. There are big tax and spenders in both parties of congress. It’s commonly refereed to as buying votes with congressional perks, set-asides, ear-marks, pork, etc. By any name it’s still despicable behavior on the part of congress.

When I say conservative I’m not referring to Republican or Democratic congresspersons. I’m referring to physical conservatives who’s interests are in serving the public without personal acclaim and rewards and doing so on a limited bases.

Somewhere in the beginning of our Republic congress lost sight of their constitutional duties. “To serve to the best of their abilities for the general welfare of the public.” It was never intended for congress becoming the exalted body they’ve become over the years. Congress as assumed a posture of arrogance that dwarfs the royalty of past genorations. It’s as though they’re responsible to no one except their own egos. When things are going right they champion their achievements, when things go wrong they blame the president and the public, Congress doesn’t believe in personal accountability.

Politicians from city counsel persons to presidents are continually looking for way to gain more revenue to furbish their struggling government budgets. It’s never occurred to them to look at the excesses in their respective budgets to see where a few dollars may be cut, saved or moved around to spare the taxpayers the burdens of additional taxes. Cutting unnecessary programs never occurrences to a politician, that would mean cutting the bureaucracy [a constituent losing his or her job] that congress prospers from.

The hypocrisy of many congresspersons is unmatched in the history of this nation. They stand up and ridicule special interests on the one hand and on the other hand they grant subsidies to some of the wealthiest man in America. Warren Buffet and Ted Turner are both owners of large tracks of land that grow both corn and soybeans. Who believes these men will turn down those farm and alternative fuel subsidy checks coming from the government? It’s no wonder some of Americas richest people support Liberal causes they make money from them. The founding fathers never intended for the government take money from the public to finance special interests and then misrepresent their intentions. The constitution specifically spells out the responsibilities of both houses of congress and what they can and can not do in their duties as congress persons.

It really doesn’t make any sense in a market oriented economy where profit is the incentive and loss is the consequence for the government to step in and change the system by subsidizing or otherwise altering the out come. Throughout the 1930′s FDR tries to alter the flow of the economy with his new deal legislation based on socialist programs. All he accomplished was extending the great depression more than a decade making it the longest in Americas history and taking America into war in order to end the depression..

Money in the hands of the consumer generators a robust economy, money in the hands of government bureaucrats is wasted on do-good projects that accomplishes very little. Politicians govern through fear and guilt. When things are going well it’s a politicians worst nightmare. Throughout history elected politicians have created enemies, animal, vegetable and mineral to scare the hell out of the public insisting disaster is just around the next corner, only they with the help of a little more of the publics money can save them.

The time has come to make congress accountable to the publics wants and needs and for congress to cut the crap. It’s time for honest representation from the president on down to the smallest village officials in this country. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on projects that benefit only a minority of the population. There’s no reason to subsidize the nations underachievers. America was intended to be the land of opportunity not the land of welfare for all. We are a benevolent people who understands there are some needs that warrant public assistance.

The founding fathers risk their lives, their fortunes and their futures to establish the first nation on earth, “Of the People, By the People [and above all] For the People!” It’s time things changed and it must start with education K through University. It’s time the public demands the ouster of liberalism in the education process. Socialism, progressive
policies or what every redistribution of a nations wealth is called it’s never worked, all it does is make everyone equally miserable and equally dependent on others.

America became a great nation by individual incentives and ambitions, Americans are a robust self relent group of people. Lets not allow that sprite to be squelched by so called progressive politics. It’s time to consider making congress accountable to the public and not their own personal ambitions and to enact term limits

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