Drilling In ANWR: The Facts That Are Conveniently Ignored

By: Guest Authors

By: Fauna Gille

When the mainstream media takes up the causes of leftist politicians, a glut of misinformation is spread and actual truths are ignored, often to a ridiculous degree. A prime example of this is the issue of drilling for oil domestically in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). Here are some well-researched facts about ANWR. Notice these are facts – not opinions!

** The total acreage of ANWR is 19.6 million and only 1.5 million in the northern-most hemisphere would be used for oil exploration. If oil is found, only 2000 acres would be affected by drilling!
** The ANWR caribou will not be hurt by the drilling, in fact, if ANWR turns out anything like our drilling in Prudhoe Bay (similar to ANWR), the caribou can look forward to an increase in family and friends! (The caribou population of Prudhoe Bay has multiplied tenfold since we began drilling in the area.)
** Alaskans are overwhelmingly in support of drilling. The two Alaskan senators support it, as does the Alaskan legislature (Democrat & Republican), and the people of Alaska.
** In a bad economy, drilling in ANWR has the potential to create over 700,000 new jobs, lower gas prices, decrease our dependence on expensive foreign oil, and create billions of dollars in tax revenue collected from the oil companies.
** Because of our technological advance, the drilling does little damage to the land and residential wildlife.
** The breathtakingly beautiful pictures of ANWR shown by the media are very different than the stark landscape of the northern hemisphere. The part of ANWR that we wish to drill on is icy and cold. The wind-chill can reach 110 below zero. And winter is not pretty… especially the 56 continuous days of utter darkness!

Now, how much of that undeniable fact has the media brought to your attention? Not much I would imagine. For that matter, our politicians – Democrats and Republicans – have for the most part done a terrible job of informing the public. Politicians on both sides are so afraid to appear anti-green that they take the easy way out and pander to the environmentalist crowd and the tag-along environmentalists who want to be a part of the hip and trendy “green movement”.

We all want to protect the environment, and responsible people on both sides of the political spectrum support legislation that will protect the beauty of the earth and it’s creatures when it makes sense. But the supposed environmental issues facing ANWR do not make sense, because they are not founded in truth.

It’s a scary thing when politicians base their decisions on the emotional appeal of an issue instead of the facts. I don’t think that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain actually believe we will be hurting ANWR by our drilling. They are all intelligent people and surely can see that the arguments against drilling are ludicrous! But they know how the American public feels about environmental issues and thus they have chosen their position strategically. This is disappointing. Great leaders do not make their decisions based on popularity; they make their decisions based on truth and conviction.

For the sake of Americans, our economy, and our increasing need to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, let’s inform ourselves and others about the actual facts regarding ANWR so that we can convince our politicians to do the right thing.

Fauna Gille, Minneapolis, MN

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