How Democrats Disenfranchise Dissident Voters

By: Ken Hughes

Democrats notoriously make new rules for every election, they dissect the previous election then make new rules for the next. It’s the Democrats way of assuring the desired results. It seems there was an insatiable desire by several states to be the first in the primaries. As the various states announced their dates the DNC was hard pressed to keep control. The DNC finally set a date no state was to go beyond. Michigan and Florida had already made their plans. They skirted the DNC and held early primaries, the DNC called their bluff and said their votes wouldn’t count in making the decision who would be the Democratic nominee. Michigan and Florida called the DNC bluff and held them anyway now the fun begins.

One of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on Democratic primary voters are the Super Delegates, they’re not accountable to anyone except the DNC elitists, they completely vacate the voters wishes and they dare to infer they’re for democracy.

Barack Obama playing the good soldier withdrew his name from the Michigan ballet and didn’t campaign in Michigan or Florida. Hillary Clinton knowing Democrats would never disenfranchise any of their voters went ahead and campaigned in Michigan and Florida. Hillary Clinton happens to be married to one of Americas most astute politicians, there’s no doubt the the Clinton’s had their eventual plan all worked out. What’s the first thought that occurs to a lawyer? A law suit naturally. You can bet if these two states are ignored and a reasonable settlement, [reasonable to the Clinton's] isn’t forthcoming this issue will wind up in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Barack Obama who set his campaign style on never being nasty, playing Mr. Cool and letting others take the supposed low road. That lasted until it was exposed he had a dark side in the friends he kept and the wife he keeps. Obama has stepped out of his protective bubble and is calling names along with the other candidates that are left.

If Barack Obama had he been half way intelligent would have let this election go to Hillary and waited for the next opportunity to toss his hat in the ring. If Obama wins the nomination and the presidency the Clinton’s aren’t through with him for stepping in line in front of Hillary. Hillary Rodham grew up in the shadows of the Daley Democratic Machine in Chicago. Hillary went through puberty and developed a thirst for power at the same time. Hillary started her political quest as a Goldwater Republican. While at Harvard she spotted what would turnout to be her greatest conquest, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was a product of perhaps the second most powerful political machine in America, the Democratic Cabal from Hot Springs Arkansas. They controlled Southern Politics after the passing of civil rights legislation and the Dixie Democrats failed to catch on the group from Hot Springs took control and ran the Democratic South.

Hillary switching political parties for expedience wasn’t the last time she’s done a 180 degree turn on the issues. Hillary’s spinning on the issues would have made a normal person pass out from sheer exhaustion. To the Clinton’s the cat is never dead until it’s in the ground and covered over, even than they keep a watchful eye on the grave.

On more than one occasion the Clinton Campaign has indicated they have more dirt on Obama that hasn’t been used yet. At this point we can’t know if it’s fact or bravado, and Obama can’t know ether I’m sure he’s keeping his spin-masters handy just in case. No politician is as clean as Obama claims to be. Even Mitt Romney admitted placing his dog in a cage on the top of his car and speeding around the country side. Obama has admitted to using drugs and associating with anti-Americans plus disavowing his whit ancestry, saying in a pinch he would side with Muslims. Has Obama done anything he isn’t proud of, has he done anything he would rather hid from the voters?

I’ve decided Democrats will remain in charge of both houses of congress and will win the presidency. Not that its the way I would like it but Republicans have proven they are unfit to represent the American people. This message was conveyed in the 2006 congressional elections and Republicans didn’t get the message. Voters want politicians with B*LLS not wimps who can’t / won’t stand up to the competition. Newt Gingrich set the Republican party on the right track with the “Contract with America” he held Clinton’s feet to the fire and was abler to make significant positive changes in congress.

He was dismissed by his own party because he challenged their statuesque approach to governing.

One four year term of total Democratic dominance of the government should be enough to wake the voters up realizing they’re being screwed without even being kissed first.

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