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May 31, 2008

Sit Down and Shut Up, Hillary Clinton!

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 May 2008

For damn near 17 years, the American people have stood by helplessly while being forced to witness non-stop exaggerations, deception, distortion, and scandals perpetrated by one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Garrison Keillor Mocks Patriotism

I guess out on Lake Blowbegone, patriotism isn’t kosher? Keillor just seems, nose in the air, to find all that lowborn patriotism so woefully gauche. At least, one might get that impression by reading the attack penned by Garrison Keillor …

Amnesty Supporters Launch Attack on Truth and Freedoms!

Filed under: Immigration - 31 May 2008

Free speech, freedom of the press, and the truth is now under assault by Media Matters, the National Council of the Race, the Hispanic Caucus, and other groups that support Amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens which are opposed by …

More Vital: Cheap Tomatoes or Rule of Law?

Filed under: Courts, The Law & The Judiciary,Immigration - 31 May 2008

As America’s war on terror president, George W. Bush is perfectly right to be obsessed with homeland security as a means for combating terrorism. Unfortunately, the president’s concern applies only to borders in Iraq and Afghanistan, but not here …

Czech President’s “Inconvenient Challenge” to Al Gore

Since leaving office, former Vice-President Al Gore has gained enormous stature within certain circles on the world scene, acquiring it per the standard liberal formula. Taking up his “Earth in the Balance” cause, he produced the feature length movie “An …