Quoting [Cactus Jack] On What It Means To Be The VP.

By: Ken Hughes

[Cactus Jack] John Nance Garner a Texas legislator who was FDR’s Vice President his first two terms as president. He was dropped in the third term in favor of Harry Truman. Cactus Jack gave Harry Truman some sound advice on his acceptance of the Vice Presidential position on the 1940 Democratic ticket. “Being vice president isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit” something Harry Truman would later learn to be a very true. It’s rumored Harry Truman meet with FDR only once and wasn’t even offered a seat, he stood through the entire five minute meeting. When the war came along Truman was given the job of coordinating the war production efforts, a job he handled very well.

The Democratic front runner Barack Obama and the Republican nominee John McCain are being pressured to announce their choices for the VP spot. One rather amusing comment I read was from two former loser candidates Bob Dole and George McGovern, they were giving advice how to select a vice presidential candidate. That’s like asking Jimmy Carter for advice on how to negotiate a hostage exchange.

Vice Presidents are usually little more than window dressing, they’re selected for the number of votes they can bring the campaign, once the elections are over they slip back into anonymity. The only vice president I can think of in the past 75 years that has actually had any meaningful responsibility has been Dick Cheney. Usually vice president attend weddings and funerals. They are often sent to the four corners of the world on meaningless fact finding assignments. Vice Presidents usually don’t have a real day job, they play golf during the daylight hours and in the evenings attend Washington Cocktail parties.

With the animosity this Democratic primary campaign is taking it’s doubtful either Obama or Clinton would willingly accept the other as a vice presidential running mate. and that creates another battle for Democrats. Anyone selected as a vice president usually has something to offer more than a pretty face and a glib tong.

It seems at this point Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee, so where does that leave Hillary Clinton? She does have options, she can insist Michigan and Florida votes be counted and if necessary go to court to address her grievances. Hillary can also challenge the validity of the super delegates on the bases their votes would deprive the regular voters of their choices. She can also go to the convention and call for a vote of the delegates from the floor, no one has the courage to keep her off the dais. If Hillary loses the nomination she will certainly make demands of Barack Obama that he would be hard pressed to deny. So far the candidates have been singing to their own choir, they have yet to face the real people who elect presidents. There’s still time for a foot to inconveniently wind up in someones mouth bringing his / her campaign down like a house of cards.

Watching these Democrats do battle is nearly as amusing as watching Bunny Rabbits make love on ice.

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