Barack Obama, The Democrats & Democracy

By: Ken Hughes

Most reasonable people are appalled at what’s happening to the Democratic Party. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is being managed out of Black Super Churches, a clear violation of all the rules, legal, ethical and moral. His minister friends deliberately make harsh anti-white speeches then with tongue in cheek apologize and expect all to be forgiven. There seems to be a lot of jive, trash and hip hop talk coming out of the Obama camp. He of course is shocked at what some of his long times associates are saying, like he never heard them use such rhetoric before.

Barack Obama’s antics aren’t the only questionable moves Democrats are making. Howard Dean the Chairperson of the DNC is demanding Barack Obama be anointed the Democratic nominee before all the states have voted. Because Michigan and Florida didn’t play by Chairmen Dean’s rules their votes [or perhaps half of them] are being excluded from being counted. This Democratic primary may turn out to be a replay of the 2000 presidential election where one person had all the popular votes and the other guy caught the bouquet and went home with the prize..

Should Hillary lose the nomination and as of now that seems to be a given, she has several options should she care to avail herself of them. First she can take her case to the floor of the convention for a delegate vote, that isn’t unprecedented in convention history Second she can challenged the Chairmans authority to direct the super delegates votes in Obama’s direction. Third she can challenge the concept of super delegates considering they often over shadow the will of the voters disenfranchising them. And finally she can drag this through the courts all the way up to the November elections and cost the Democrats the election. Don’t count her out just yet, shes a fighter.

Hillary Clinton is not a quitter, she’s not one to follow the democratic principle of cut and run. When tough times get in Hillary’s way she’s in her element,
as everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a fighter.

Following the Democratic primaries we are beginning to see just how much tolerance and the total disregard Democrats have for the principles of democracy.

Is God sending us a message and we’re just to dammed dumb to recognize it? How long can the public tolerate lying politicians without rejecting them?

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