SC Outlaws illegal aliens in college and jobs while momentum moves to NC!


ALIPAC activists are celebrating a victory in South Carolina today, after months of activism that resulted in one of the strongest state laws in America cracking down on illegal immigration.

The new legislation will bar illegal aliens from all taxpayer funded colleges and require employers to verify they are only hiring American citizens and legal immigrants. The SC legislation follows new tough laws in AZ, GA, OK, RI, and others.

“Our activists on the ground and from across the nation worked very hard in South Carolina,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The momentum for immigration enforcement is clear in the states. The illegal aliens are leaving SC and GA making North Carolina one of their top destinations. As the illegal aliens are headed our way, we hope to bring our progress with enforcement legislation to North Carolina now.”

North Carolina recently made national headlines over a decision to admit and then bar illegal aliens from community colleges. This week, a handful of Democrat legislators announced plans to try and assist illegal aliens. In 2008, the state has considered over 1,100 bills that deal with aspects of immigration. The vast majority of these bills advocate enforcement and the removal of taxpayer resources.

“We have a destructive human tsunami headed our way,” said William Gheen. “NC lawmakers must act NOW to protect American jobs, tax resources, and lives. Our state must follow the lead of our neighbors and batten down the hatches immediately.”

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