2008 Vetoing Democratic May Not Count

By: Ken Hughes

If you’re a democrat and you voted in the 2008 primary elections chances are your vote may not count. In a close state primary election your vote can be canceled out by a super delegates vote. If you live in Michigan or Florida your vote isn’t going to count regardless if they come to an agreement or not. Whatever the DNC decides you can bet the results will favor Obama and not Clinton. For seven of the eight years of the Bush Presidency Hillary Clinton was the Democratic Party’s standard barer, now she’s burnt toast, the DNC’s dropped Hillary like she were toxic. In the 14 elections I’ve participated in I can’t recall a candidate working as hard as Hillary has to make her point with such deplorable results having been perpetrated by her party.

There’s no question Barack Obama has some rough spots in his past his campaign has gone out of their way to hide. Obama being the Medias choice as well as the DNC’s anointed child it’s difficult for these infractions to be known. They’ll eventually come out on the Internet Blogs but that’s hardly the MSM. Obama has been forced to change some of his earlier stands such as not wearing and honoring the flag, now he comes to us wrapped in flags this is only one of his many flip flops, there’ll be more to come.

Barack Obama may have captured the hearts and hopes of Democrats but he still has to face the average American voters in November, who aren’t so easy to memorize with his Camelot Charm, propaganda aside Barack Obama is no John F. Kennedy. Barack Obama may be able to shuck and jive his way through the Democratic primaries, when it comes to the general elections he’ll have to go a lot further to prove he’s qualified to lead America. No presidential candidate should run as a black candidate instead they should run as a candidates that just happens to be black. No candidate should represent themselves as being African Americans [Black.] they should be Americans first and whatever second.

As a former employer I was prohibited by federal law from mentioning ethnicity, gender or age when dealing with employees or customers. The government and the media have no such restrictions and are able to bandy whatever they choose for whatever reason they choose at will. Churches are tax free zones, and as such are prohibited by federal law from engaging in political campaigning. That hasn’t kept Barack Obama’s Trinity Church from it’s involvement in the current campaign. There’s every indication all the rules congress saddled the public with have been suspended for the 2008 presidential candidates, anything goes and if you disagree you’re a racist.

Who’s elected president is less important than who goes to congress. President need the advice and connect of congress in order to get the things done they’re passionate about. Congress dined on presidential blood the past eight years and they loved it. Congress is not about to allow any president from either party to overshadow the gains they made during the Bush Administration. Congress is not about to forget they’ve been totally ignored in this 2008 presidential campaign. Not Obama, Clinton nor McCain has suggested congress has a very impotent part to play in the future affairs of state. Nancy Pelosi has the survival skills of an Ally Cat Harry Reid is a born follower. Neither is about to allow a new president to take charge of the government making congress subservient to the executive branch.

Several things have changed since I began this article yesterday .

Barack Obama has resigned from his church. He’s seen the light that perhaps Trinity Church isn’t a church of God after all and it only took him 20 years to discover the fact. We’re told we can’t hold him accountable for what others say. We can hold him accountable for allowing 20 years of the anti-white bigotry to go on around him and say nothing. If he intended to be a publicly elected official he should have acted to separate himself from those bigots years ago, so yes we can hold him accountable.

The DNC has resolved the vote counting for the states of Michigan and Florida. Their delegates will be allowed to attend the convention but their votes will only count for one half a vote. I recall the days before civil rights when the Democratic party only counted black votes marginally. The more society advance the more some return to the past. It’s always been my understanding the only reason for the public voting was for the public to decide. What kind of a democracy is it when Super Delegates and the leadership of the Democratic party can circumvent the will of the people in the name of fairness. Why even bother having elections if the outcome has been predetermined?

The 2008 presidential elections will go down in history as the most screwed up process ever perpetrated on the American people. Neither political party will come out of this fiasco with clean hands. If there’s going to be a lesson learned from this election it’s that it’s time the American people took back their government. Both the Democratic and the Republican Parties have become to corrupted to manage the affairs of state any longer.

It’s Time To Take Term Limits For All Congress Persons Serous

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