“Super” Fascism

By: Guest Authors

By:George Koleszarik

Our Founding Father’s system of government allows everyone to say who represents them in government. The Electoral College process never quite sat right with me because even though a candidate wins the popular vote they can still lose the election.
If a candidate obtains more delegates in the Electoral College by winning certain states, they can win the election with less popular votes.

Still, since the Electoral College was set up by those wiser than me hundreds of year ago, I accept it as our democratic process.

Let’s fast forward to today’s democratic primary elections, not only can a candidate in the Democratic Party win by state delegates and lose the popular vote, they can win without the majority of state delegates or the popular vote.

In today’s Democratic Party elections, an elite group of “super” delegates determines the outcome of elections. By totally disregarding the votes of the people these “super” delegates can nominate whoever they chose.

Isn’t having an elite group of “Super” people pick a Presidential candidate equal to fascism? The whole idea that 800 can over ride 18 million is not democracy. No protest? No rebellion over this super delegate process? The fact super delegates even exist shows the fascist socialistic philosophy inherent in the Democratic Party. God forbid they trust their own members.

Whether the ‘super” delegates determine the outcome of the election or not, the fact that they even have the power to determine the nominee means democracy had been abandoned.

George Koleszarik M.S. – Owner
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