Who IS That Masked Man?

By: Jack L. Key

Zorro, The Lone Ranger or Obama, the Sinister Stranger?

Since a black political unknown was selected by the American national news media and the Democratic Party to be marketed and promoted as the Democratic presidential nominee I’ve been suspicious of this “Masked Man.” No one seems to know much about—or about the truth– of who he really is. So who IS Barak Hussein Muhammad Obama?

I’m even more suspicious now that former Bush staffer Scott McClellan has been UNMASKED! Now we know he’s a disloyal RINO turncoat who worked with leftist publisher Peter Osnos on his recent book bashing the President. It was financed and published by George Soros’ companies’ to reap big bucks from gullible liberals who hate George Bush.

Published reports say the whole McClellan book thing was orchestrated by Soros and communist Weather Underground members and socialist professors that are current and former Chicago associates of Hussein Obama and Peter Osnos, namely Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Just more leftist muckraking to hide the masked man’s ties to even more bad people than the ones we already know about. Now Obama’s old buddy Tony Rezko has been found guilty on 16 counts. Those Chicago boys—tsk, tsk, tsk!

Why was so much money contributed to the young black candidate’s campaign so early on? Where did the funds originate? It’s been reported on some Internet sites many “sizeable” contributions came from overseas contributors in the Middle East and elsewhere. Remember the China money and Bill Clinton in the 1990’s?

Why did Democrat bigwigs turn so quickly on their own “darling” Hillary Clinton and dismiss her husband and former President as nothing but a liability to the party? Why so many political “endorsements” for a young and unknown black candidate from party leaders so quickly—and early? Why change the delegate voting rules to assure his nomination? And “superdelegates?” Another Howard Dean invention?

Now there’s talk of a buy out—Obama’s campaign repaying Hillary’s loans of millions to her own broke campaign—in return for her female followers support–and maybe a VP place on the Democrat ticket? We’ll see what happens shortly. The Clinton dynamic duo may yet pull something off.

Why have the Democrat “leaders” of Congress suddenly been told to be quiet? Why have the taxpayer-supported media such as PBS and NPR subtly endorsed the black candidate?

Why has government-funded PBS used programming (and re-programming) designed to support the Democrat Party and black people and their culture more openly than ever before? Listen to Jim Lehrer’s news program—and his promo spots on the election! Bill Moyers recently used his PBS show to give Obama’s big mouth pastor Jeremiah Wright a taxpayer-paid platform for his hate speeches. Wake up Republicans!

As has been reported by Accuracy In Media editor Cliff Kincaid in a recent article, PBS has 350 TV stations, National Public Radio (NPR) has 860 stations, and Pacifica Radio has 5 owned stations and 133 affiliates. All these are notorious progressive-socialist-liberal media outlets, and all have, and are, receiving taxpayer funds. Plus all the big four TV networks and most large city newspapers of course, are all liberal-programmed.

In addition, the upcoming “Media Reform Conference” in Minneapolis June 6-8 will be led by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) the first Muslim elected to Congress, as well as FCC bureaucrats, Moyers, Dan Rather and Phil Donahue, all Obama supporters. Thousands are expected to attend, including the Muslim group CAIR in an effort to move the “progressive” national media even farther left.

Public schools in some states (Texas) allow secret Muslim religious presentations without parent notification. The AP uses Muslim reporters to write their news stories—with a slant to the left. There are Muslim campaign directors and workers in both Democrat campaigns, Clinton’s– and Obama, who has had Nation of Islam members on his staff for years, even before coming to Washington, as reported by a former insider.

Why has the Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain been completely ignored by news media recently even though he is an American war hero and long-serving U.S. Senator with ample experience and credentials to be President?

Of four articles on the election in my latest Sunday newspaper, 0 were positive or supportive about McCain. TV networks don’t even recognize McCain as a viable candidate—yet. But wait until the pricey ads start—they’ll take the money and run.

There’s more questions–

Why hasn’t the Democrat Party, The U.S. Senate and especially the mainstream media not launched an “investigation” to tell us who this masked man, this neo-person Barak Hussein Muhammad Obama really is, and what he stands for? Can it be they’re afraid of black reprisals? Or just gutless white men saving their butts and turf?

And why is Obama “loved” by many of his supporters– mainly upscale young adults raised and educated in a socialist environment and are politically and historically ignorant (generation Y’ers)– and especially by eager blacks with racial axes to grind?

What about Obama’s angry wife? Why so many threats of physical harm to adversaries? I agree that the TN GOP can, and should say what it wishes about Obama’s wife and her campaign statements, as well as any other organized political group in any state.

Obama has lashed out lately at the TN GOP. Well, I’m a born Tennessee Republican and I’ll say whatever about a declared political candidate or anyone campaigning for them, anywhere, anytime. If the black candidate can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. The only “low class”—to use Obama’s own words– exhibit of the entire matter was Obama’s unfortunate schoolboy remarks on TV—“Leave my wife alone!” Blah-blah-blah!

These angry outbursts are just more indications of the immaturity and multi-cultural upbringing of Obama and his wife and their exposure and participation in leftist, socialist and racist activities and teachings. Is this what we want in the White House in these troubled times when America is fighting for its life in an uncivilized Islamic terrorist war?

So many questions—so few real answers.

Why, suddenly, is it so important a junior-Senator Obama be brought quickly from obscurity and elected president with no actual experience or credentials for this high office? Have liberal Democrats sunk so low they must run a novice for the presidency? Is this the best the old Democrat political machine in Chicago can do?

Why, in the first American presidential election since the brutality and murders of the September 11, 2001 attacks and scarcely 7 years later, is it important to elect a black person with ties to Islam, if not a Muslim himself? Osama bin Laden told us then and several more times since 9/11 a jihad was launched against America and that the country would be overcome and defeated from within by its own American “true believers.”

Is this upcoming election then the focal point of a bloody ongoing Islamic jihad that already has killed thousands of Americans and many more murders been promised us time and again by Muslim terrorists and those who hate us and our free way of life?

These and other questions may be partially answered below, by my own personal research and Obama’s own published books, in his own words and words of those who know him and his family.

Whistleblower magazine has recently published articles on Obama answering some important questions, but also posing additional questions of his background, politics and religious and racial affiliations.

We all have read the cleaned up and carefully prepared campaign and media “published” reports of Obama’s early childhood, his parentage, his early Muslim training and his schooling in Asian schools and his growth and higher education as a black elitist. We’ve also been told of his crossbreeding, black father and white mother.

Obama himself has told us in two of his books how much he admired his father and his underground politics. He also tells us of his love and admiration of Islam and Muslims and his distrust and animosity towards white people—those same white Americans he wants to represent now as their President and commander-in-chief.

Consider the following excerpts from Obama’s books:

From “Dreams of My Father”

“It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”

“I never emulate white men or brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm (X), DuBois and Mandela.”

From “ Audacity of Hope”

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

From “Dreams of My Father”

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

“I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”

“There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself maybe. And white.”

Are these socialist and racist writings those of a man we should place in the White House? Only a Muslim {which Obama denies he is) would commit himself to the Muslim agenda and religion when he says clearly he will stand with them.


Obama has yet to answer my two direct questions to him published in a previous article:

“Will you renounce Islam with your hand on the Koran, and deny that you are, or have ever been a Muslim? If you are elected, will you be sworn in office by the Bible or the Koran–or both?”

We have all read and heard of the recent political chaos and bloodshed in Kenya.There have been rumblings that Obama and a relative were involved in the recent election upheavals, since Kenya is Obama’s family (tribal) homeland. If any of this is found to be true, we could be in a catastrophic mess come November–even if he is not elected.

Obama has admitted he is not an American patriot as is commonly recognized, does not glorify the American flag, has never, and never will, serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and does not publicly honor the Pledge of Allegiance or symbolize it by hand on heart.

After much criticism, Obama has recently begun wearing an American-colored lapel pin (the real flag pin has been banned recently for newscasters on Evening News telecasts by media bigwigs because Obama won’t wear one).

We do know what Obama has written about himself is true.

We also know what the friends and supporters of Obama have said about America and white people and their hatred of both are also true. We have all read and heard what the Pastor Wright, Louis Farrakhan and other black “leaders” have said, as well as a renegade white Catholic Priest. Obama’s recent resignation from his United Trinity Church does not excuse a prior 20 year membership in the racial, radical church or his true religious background.

Persons my age or those who can remember the 1960’s racial conflicts know also the destructive promises of Black Muslims and their socialist and criminal brethren here and abroad are also true—and they are still with us.

We also know that leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist groups have said publicly they like Obama, and that if elected, he will be for the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims– and not Israel, is also true. (Obama has recently made a great talking show of Israeli support, in order to gain the American Jewish vote).

We all know the truth of 9/11, and the Islamic terrorist threat of jihad launched against us.

Even the Republican presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain has refrained from directly investigating Obama, what is written and said about him, and has said he will not “get personal”. Why not, for heaven’s sake? Personal politics has been going on for over two hundred years in this country and by both major parties.

Never have we needed that personal freedom of speech and expression more than now and during the upcoming election!


When George Washington was elected our country’s first President in 1789, it was then the most important election in our nation’s short history. What would be the direction and future of the new Republic? Would General Washington become a King or a President?

Now, 219 years later, we are again confronted with the most important election of our lifetimes and the nation’s now-long history. Will we continue to prosper as a democratic Republic and leader of a free world or enter the darkness and destructive outcomes of National Socialism?

As Americans of both political parties, we simply cannot stand by while our country is stolen and taken over by a left-leaning and runaway biased National Press, and what is left of our Republic subverted by ultra-liberals and leftists in seats of power in Washington, D.C.

We cannot, and must not, allow a Muslim religious takeover of our political system and Christian culture and any means should be employed by Americans to see that does not happen. And it should begin with this election.

Then there are those who have enriched themselves in America, but hate its principles and people and seek ways and means to weaken and change us. There are also the evil leftists and socialist teachers and TV writers and producers who infiltrate the very early minds of our children. They take advantage of our democratic principles and open way of life to politically and religiously program them to their own images.

We must explore and find ways to curtail a National Press unwilling to police itself, and to keep the freedom of the press constitutional provision available to all citizens, regardless of political affiliation, and to eliminate political or personal biases by both television and print national media outlets.

The Constitution does not confer authority to the National Press to make any political policy or to dictate to citizens how they should grade or elect a government, and does not permit a subversive bias by any member of the press in any form. United States Laws of treason should and must also extend to members of the press, and those found in violation prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Will we as citizens and taxpayers be persecuted by alliances between those we once viewed as criminals and enemies? Allow racial politics to prevail again in this country? Face possible civil wars of race and religion that will destroy our country and us?

Bluntly put, can we trust an untested and unproven black socialist and racist with a Muslim heritage to lead this nation? Or a white female socialist with an unexplained past and a proven record of subversion and lies? Now when we urgently need a strong and experienced president with proven leadership and courage to guide us in a time when America is being viciously attacked from without and within? Maybe God in his great mercy can save this country—it seems its citizens are determined not to.

So is the Masked Sinister Stranger Obama to be numero uno and da Prez and Chelsea’s Mama da Veep and number two?

Nah…Even mind-warped generation X and blind gen-Y’ers can’t be that grossly stupid!

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of the novel “Gideon’s Trumpet” and other books and articles and frequently writes commentary for the Internet. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Naval aviation. Contact him at: jockdoc@localnet.com

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