We Thought Hillary Had Cajones

By: Ken Hughes

Democrats don’t get it, they think because the primaries are over the election’s over. The Democrats know November 4th is coming they’re not sure why, Obama is the nominee and Hillary’s supporting him what else is there? It’s as though they’re unaware the Republicans have a candidate in the race. They don’t seem to be censored there’s a third of the Senate and all of the House up for election. This is because Democrats live in a cocoon protected from all outside knowledge not contained within the cocoon. Now that Hillary’s drunk the Koolaid and has fallen under Obama’s spell whats left certainly not John McCain? After all who’d vote for a Republican.

The feeling was of the two candidates Hillary had the most testosterone We believed she’d be able to go the extra mile and bring the fight to the convention floor. Obviously thats not the case, obviously Obama’s pockets are deeper than Hillary’s moral courage. Just once many of us would like to see a presidential candidate fight for principal and not for what’s in it for them.

I still believe Hillary could have gone to the convention floor and demanded a floor vote by the delegates and won the nomination. A pledge to a Democrat means nothing, the delegates can go to the convention and vote for whomever they choose. It was obvious Hillary was the more popular candidate among the rank and file Democrats. Had she been treated fairly by the media and her own party officials Hillary would have been the nominee. She went from heroin to villein in a matter of weeks, did Hillary change or did the media change her image?

There’s one thing that’s cast in brass where Liberals are concerned, the rules are made to be broken depending on circumstances at any given moment. Brass turns to mush and they start all over with new rules that fits their agenda at the moment.

Of the 11 presidential elections I’ve participated in I haven’s seen one that the Democrats didn’t have a pissing contest up to the last strike of the gavel closing the event. They seem to manage to mount a campaign in spite of all the confusion. and sometimes they’re even successful.

Now that the real campaign for president is getting underway between John McCain and Barack Obama what can we expect? We can assume the media will continue to praise Obama for his many accomplishments although no one can seen to document anything he’s accomplished. The blogers will go the extra mile in the other direction to expose any warts on Obama they can find. All the Obama negatives will be blamed on McCain’s campaign for going racist. Anything that points a finger of suspicion toward Obama will be deemed racist regardless whether it is or not. We can bet Obama will milk the “Poor Black Me” to its last drop. The next question is how much more anti-white will surface around Obama?

What if Obama is elected president? It won’t be the end of the Republic, 535 congress man and women, [present and future] are salivating over the prospect of a president to dumb to find the mens room on his own. Someone who’s lived the life of a leach sucking the blood from those he came in contact with isn’t likely to suck much blood from the master leaches in congress. There are any number of congress men and women who can out preform Obama by ten. Many of those in congress are masters at conning the public, Obama doesn’t stand a chance. All of his Pollyanna pie in the sky sociologist proposals will have been for nothing.

Obama, Clinton and the Washingtonians can hammer the rich and big business all they like but in the end they understand that’s where the monies coming from.

Hillary Clinton made a questionable statement in her surrender speech. She said she believed in the old tradition of government being there to care for the non-archivers, [I'm older than Hillary and I'm not familiar with that tradition.] I still recall the words of JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” Give a man a fish and he’ll sit on his a** and beg for more, tell him to fish or starve and he becomes a productive citizen. Barack Obama has a garbage truck full of what he refers to as progressive legislation totaling in the billions of tax payer dollars. Do these candidates think the voters are stupid, If Barack Obama’s elected president they may be right, the voters are stupid.

Brave men and women white, black and brown have fought and died keeping America free. Assuring each generation would have equal opportunity to succeed of fail by their own merits. We like it that way vote to keep it that way.

It isn’t Obama who should be feared, its Congress. Presidents are subject to the advice and consent of congress. Congress should be accountable to the voters and they’re not. And so goes the demise of our constitutional government.

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