Obama’s “Secret” Meeting With Hillary—The Chicago Connection?

By: Jack L. Key

According to mainstream media, reporters had a tough time finding where the “secret” meeting Thursday evening was being held, and why. When liberals can’t find liberals, something’s up. And still nothing substantial from the National Media?

Was it at Hillary’s house, as was first reported? Now we’re told it was at Sen. Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) place—why all the hickory-dickory-dock? Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Hillary wasn’t plugging for VP but she’d take it if offered. Robert Gibbs, an Obama spokesman, says the meeting was about “uniting the Democratic Party.”

Could it be that it was also to discuss the happenings in Chicago Thursday, June 5th?

No aides were present at the hastily called meeting and Sen. Feinstein was sent upstairs so Hillary and Obama could talk eye to eye. Nothing stronger than water was served we’re told by the AP, and both left the meeting laughing.

All but ignored by the major media outlets, and a mere one-time mention by AP was that long-time Obama supporter and big money contributor to his political campaigns, Tony Rozko, was convicted of 16 counts of federal charges Thursday in Chicago.

The “Operation Board Game” investigations have received their biggest conviction. More unsealed indictments are likely to come.

Certainly Hillary was closely following the outcomes. Mayor Daley of Chicago and the Clintons know each other well. Mayor Richard M. Daley’s brother was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, after all. And she has been following this investigation for a long, long time.

Former Illinois Governor Ryan is in prison on corruption charges. Current Governor Rod Blagojevich is under fire. Big-time Democrats all.

I’m sure also Obama was closely watching every move of Patrick Fitzgerald, the government’s chief investigator. He has said that his real estate “deal” with Rozko resulting in his 2 million-dollar mansion home was a “boneheaded” mistake.

Could it be there are others? More serious others?

Obama has received huge campaign contributions over time from Rozko and his assigns, beginning in his first campaign. He says maybe $50,000-60,000. A Chicago newspaper says the totals exceed a quarter million dollars.

Operation Board Game is a classic political “play for pay” investigation of corrupt public officials in Chicago and the state of Illinois. Sources close to the investigations and trials have advised me several defendants are turning government witnesses and other indictments are certain to come soon. Some will make national headlines.

Stay tuned.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of “Gideon’s Trumpet” and other books and writes political commentary and articles for the Internet and prints media. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of the U.S. Navy aviation. Contact him at: jockdoc@localnet.com

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