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June 12, 2008


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One of my favorite editors chided me over a recent column titled “Celebrating the Death of Inevitability,” written to gloat, in a chortling, disrespectful and mean-spirited way, over the demise of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton. AKA, Hildabeast, and AKA, …

Miami Herald: 2nd Amendment is ‘Mythical Right’

The Miami (FL) Herald let lose with another propagandistic broadside against the 2nd Amendment on Thursday featuring some more moaning and false statements about how horrible it is for America that the misnamed “assault weapons ban” has lapsed. There is …

Dubya’s Executive Order Re Illegal Aliens: Too Little, Too Late!

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The White House has announced that President George W. Bush signed an executive order requiring that those who do business with the federal government assure that their employees are working in the country legally.

Mesmerizing Obama

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In a recent offering in The Christian Post, Friday June 6, 2008 under “Black Ministers Watching their Words on Obama” AP Writer Dionne Walker said “It’s a historical time for black people; we cannot ignore what’s going on.” No …


Yes we can elect Barack Obama president, but…
No we can’t mention his middle name.
No we can’t win the war in Iraq.
No we can’t expand oil exploration, drilling or refining.
No we can’t build nuclear power plants.