Al Qaeda Proposal Against the Infidel and USA Submitted

By: Lance Winslow

We believe that the best way to wage war against the US is through the political process, so here is a plan to wage war against the USA. First, get a sympathetic president to lead America, someone like Barrack Hussein Obama. Then, find someone who is a financial partner with George Soros to assist him in choosing a strong Vice President Running mate this will help Barrack Hussein Obama in securing the fall election. Once this occurs America will lose her financial strength and be much for vulnerable.

Al Qaeda should give money to MoveOn (dot) Org electronically in very small amounts using sophisticated computers so no one knows where all this money is coming from. Since elections in the US are won thanks to the media, as long as your candidate continues to buy lots of expensive campaign advertisements, the media will continue to praise him until elected. By getting involved in America’s political process, Al Qaeda will indeed show it is full potential against the infidels and then they will be able to end the US forces that seek to destroy them.

Why is this such a good proposal? Because, the USA’s political system is already being taken advantage of by Barrack Hussein Obama and currently the people have been duped by this media made man into believing that he can fix America. Owning American politicians with the use of foreign investment has been a strong strategy of others over the last four decades, and it will probably continue. What better time for Al Qaeda to move on this excellent opportunity?

The Proposal was submitted due to Al Qaeda’s request for Proposals.

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