Obama the Real Oppressor of Blacks?

By: Guest Authors

By:George Koleszarik M.S.

Since Obama’s main campaign theme is change, let us hope that he intends to change his policy of oppressing the black community. It is ironic that Obama achieved his rise to power on the backs of the very people he claimed to champion all the while he was helping to hold them back. Obama is an oppressor of Blacks? How can this be?

By financially supporting reverend Wright’s church, subscribing to reverend Wright’s message for twenty years, and enabling the status quo in the black community by providing entitlements, Hussein Obama is complicit in the oppression of the very community which he claims to be helping.

Wright’s message of anger, fear, and hatred of Whites and America in general perpetuates bigotry. Obama and his peers teach the black community that they can never be successful in an integrated world. Instead of preaching togetherness, tolerance, and brotherly love among all people, Wright’s philosophy of separatism and hatred ensures that his congregation remains dependent on government handouts, has limited hope, and has no vision beyond their own community.

After twenty years of attendance in this divisive arena, it is impossible that Obama was unaware of the effects rReverend Wright’s vitriolic message had on those around him. Like Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright before him, the Harvard educated Obama was keen enough to realize that dependent people are controllable people. If Wright’s congregation were truly enlightened they would be self-reliant, responsible for their own problems, and have no need to blame the white man or government for their lot in life.

Obama is no leader. Obama is an oppressor. The true Black leaders are Michael Steele, Larry elders, and even Bill Cosby. Because Michael, Larry, and Bill did not spend their days resenting the white man or the government, they spent their time bettering themselves enabling them all to rise to the top of their chosen fields. They did not listen to the prejudiced ravings of angry black leaders, but chose instead to cling to hope, hard work, and conservative values.

I hope that the followers of the Sharptonesque dogma can open their eyes and minds to realize that the only thing holding them back is their own perceptions. Shame on you Obama for using your own church and community to further your own ambitions, while stifling the hopes and dreams of those you purport to serve.

George Koleszarik M.S.
Naples Fl

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