Militant Atheism At U of Virginia

By: Warner Todd Huston

The one thing that always makes me wonder about atheists is how upset they seem to get about nothing. After all, they claim that there is no God and that religion is based on myth and foolishness, don’t they? They claim it is all “nothing,” yet many of them are highly incensed by what they believe is “nothing.” Some of them even actively try to destroy “nothing” for everyone else, going about eliminating people’s observance, expression, and belief in “nothing.” Even constantly taking their case against “nothing” to our courts.

On one hand atheists claim they are forcibly confronted with religion every time they turn around. Naturally, many atheists base their attack on “nothing” on the premise that they just want to be left alone and that if those who believe in “nothing” would just keep their beliefs to themselves, why everything would be wonderful. With this argument, atheists seem to be telling us that they themselves would not try impose their unbelief on the rest of us.

Sweet, sweet “nothing.”

But, on the other hand, it seems that all too often atheists do, indeed, try to impose their religion — their militant faith that God doesn’t exist — on the rest of us. And here we have another example of this from the University of Virginia.

It seems some of the worst examples of impoliteness, incivility, and arrogance come from our fetid institutions of “higher” learning these days, doesn’t it? And in this case a self-professed atheist, college kid is playing at being the militant atheist with a video game he has created. In this game the player is tasked with making the world safe for the faithful believers in “nothing” by galavanting through time to kill Biblical figures before they can propagate Christianity. Not to be strictly anti-Christian, this young kid has also added the goal of beheading Muhammad.

This unnamed game inventor — unnamed because he claims he fears retaliation for the Muhammad beheading bit — claims that he is hoping kids can be helped to see that the world would be a “better place without some of those religions.”

Yet, he advances this “better world” through murder? Some “better world.”

Of the violence this young skull full of mush claims violence isn’t the “undertone” of the game. “It’s the idea of being able to go back in time and sort of nipping the problem in the bud,” he says.

So, let’s take a look at the things this child thinks he’s condemning. Is this kid perhaps pointing in disgust to the Spanish Inquisition where non-believers were hung, tortured and burnt at the stake if they didn’t become believers? Or maybe he is referring to the Crusades where Christian armies killed in the name of Christ? Perhaps all the interminable Muslim outrages against humanity that continues to this day faces this boy’s wrath? Yes, these are all terrible things.

But how is this youngster any different than what he condemns? He wishes to murder in the name of “nothing.” He wishes to strip away tradition and culture away from billions of people in the world. He wishes to forcefully implant through violence his own system of belief. What is the difference between this militant, violence advocating atheist kid and that which he claims to condemn?

Torquemada would be proud of the folks at the U of Virginia don’t you think?

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