Barack Obama Is Losing His Voice[s]

By: Ken Hughes

As the voices that have been whispering in Barack Obama’s ear telling him what to say and when to say it are gradually being dismissed. His advisory group of [non-lobbyist ] lobbyists are gradually disappearing. Obama has yet to learn the art of saying I won’t when he knows he must. Obama’s naive approach to campaigning is obvious. He doesn’t realize the real difference in the two Americas is intelligence and education not ideology. There are those who know and those who think they know, the difference is conservative and liberal. There are productive Americans, the hog farmers in Iowa, corn growers in Kansas, wheat farmers in the Dakota’s and cattle ranchers in Montana. These men and women along with hundreds of other independent business men and women across America who can’t see the need for a 3 trillion dollar tax to Fix America. Most hard working Americans are willing to support the infirmed and the disabled, they’ve had it with supporting the non-achievers, the winn
ers and the bitchers.

Unlike Michelle Obama most Americans look at the turmoil around the world and thank “God I’m Americans first and foremost”. This presidential campaign should be about experience not glib political correctness and the environment. Welfare and Green are fads that like all other fads will eventually go away in favor of the next man made crises.

In a recent speech to a group of University Girls Michelle Obama explained what a president Obama would demand of all Americans. Her list was lengthly, one item that stood out was every citizen would be required to purchase health care insurance or face prosecution. Another was every citizen would be required to share with the less motivated underachievers. An Obama president would no longer tolerate the haves and the have-nots, [paraphrased.] This comes from a family that earned [extorted] 4 million dollars in income last year.

Barack Obama’s spent his entire adult life extorting from the achievers and giving to the non-achievers. Welfare has gone from a cottage industry to one of the largest industries in America. It’s made more than one Black Minister and Black politician multimillionaires not to mention all those white dudes who’ve joined the movement of supporting the underachievers for fun and profit.

I can guarantee you I’ve seen more of this planet than Michelle Obama and there’s no nation on this earth with opportunities to match America. America is a place where opportunity abounds for those who look for it. Men who once worked in the automobile assembly plants across America are now independent Truckers, House painters, all sorts of tradesman. America has gone back to the individuals preforming what major contractors and industry once monopolized. The American entrepreneurial sprite has created most of the modern technology moving mankind forward for the past two centuries. None of which was created by welfare recipients.

Obama doesn’t get it, America isn’t the government with people, it’s people with a government. The people should decide what they want America to be, not some politician with literally no experience to bring to the table. I’m sure Barack Obama is an intelligent man, what he lacks is political savvy. I have no doubt he believes if and when he’s elected president all 535 congressional puppets [men and women] will dance when he pulls the strings, or in todays vernacular operates the joystick. It doesn’t work that way more often than not the president is the one dancing.

America neither wants, needs nor can afford a [Green] presidential candidate. Green is a fad that’s rapidly approaching overexposure mode, When a subject reaches nauseating prepositions it usually disappears as fast as it appeared. Green is rapidly reaching that point. There’s no country on earth as environmentally conscious as America. No country on earth invests more in preserving the environment than America does. What the hell can Obama do to improve what’s already being done without destroying this nations economy?

Not to worry, if or when he’s elected president he won’t have the power to enforce any of the things he’s been preaching about. Health care is one of the largest cash crops in America, does anyone really think he can get a universal health care package past congress?[I understand the term national health care, what does universal health care mean to Americans?] On the subject of government engineered jobs, that was tried in the 1930′s and it extended a great depression for over 10 years beyond what it should have been.

Every supposed progressive program Obama and Clinton have offered has been tried and failed somewhere at sometime. The industrial nations of the world have accepted Americas tried and true market economies and are winning the hearts and minds of their people because of it. Only the dictators and despots are sticking to the old socialist way of governing.

Not to worry Obama’s been listening to his own choir sing. November 4th when all the voices of America are heard it will drowned out the Liberals and sanity will once again prevail. [Let us pray]

Life is a challenge, challenges are never fair for the nonadhesive. No politician no matter how glib and polished, he / she can never take America back to the dark days of Communism. We’re dumb and perhaps ambivalent we’re not stupid.


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