When Will It Be Over For George Bush

By: Ken Hughes

The last six months of any presidents administration are particularly difficult. Not only does the opposition party dig up all the dirt previously swept under the rug. Some candidates from his own party turn on him as well. Little things that had been overshadowed by bigger things are now brought out and the Media as usual makes sows ears out of silk purses. I’m sure more than one president who reached the last six month point has been tempted to toss the front door keys on the hall table and walk out. We often wonder why men / women work so hard, expend such effort and spend so much money to be so abused for from 4 to 8 years. Can Air Force One really be all that great?

Judging a sitting president isn’t an easy thing to do, most of their actions take years to have either a positive or negative effect on the public. Previous presidents have made mistakes that later turned out to be the right thing to do. Other presidents have been hailed as hero’s for things that later were found to be despicable acts. No president to my knowledge has deliberately misled the public who didn’t believe it was in the nations best interests. This doesn’t excuse the mistakes made by some nor the undue criticizing of others, The American political system doesn’t have an aristocracy, we elect from within our midst and pray we haven’t errored.

In a perfect world George Bush would be allowed to go around saying good by and tiding up loose ends. Those hoping to replace him as president would be explaining how they and congress would get those necessary things done that the previous administration and congress hadn’t accomplished. There doesn’t seem to be enough cooperation between the president and congress. Each blames the other and truth is it’s probably both. The two political parties are less inclined to agree it seems. They treat each other in the legislature like it was Monday night football.

The biggest complaint against George Bush is the war in Iraq. He shouldn’t have sent troops in harms way. That’s the sole purpose of the military to go in harms way so harm doesn’t come our way. There’s no difference between FDR sending troops to Europe, Truman sending troops to Korea, JFK sending troops to Vietnam, Carter sending a failed expeditionary force to Iran, Reagan sending troops to the Caribbean, Bush One sending troops to Panama and Clinton sending troops to many places in Africa and the Balkans. I might add many of those troops placements Clinton made are still in tact and have never been rescinded as promised.

It seems Bush’s opposition party can’t find a message that resonates with the voters so they continue to hammer away at him. That’s a good indication they don’t have a message, if they do it isn’t one the public is buying. Bush is bad Bush is evil isn’t going to carry them through to the November elections.

The Republican candidate John McCain has some fence straddling as well as some fence mending to do if he’s serious about beating Obama in November. When Republican congress expelled Newt Gingrich from their body they stepped onto a slippery slope that’s costing them dearly. John McCain would do well to choose his running mate wisely. McCain doesn’t have the Republicans Voters faith in his ability to lead a conservative movement. Many Republicans are convinced better a neophyte like Obama in the Oval Office than a RINO like McCain. It’ll only take four years of Obama telling congress what they must do for congress to cut him off. So far there haven’t been any indications Obama intends to work with congress. McCain is one of them he could survive if he caves in to congress.

The elections in 2008 will be the biggest disappointment the political process in this country has suffered since Jimmy Carter was president. The only hope of both political parties is to see the error of their ways and regroup in 2010 and 2012 . There needs to be a new 21st century vision for America and it isn’t going to come from men who’ve served in congress without any noticeable success for 20 or more years.

I wish I’d been at the continental congresses meetings, I’d have kicked some butt until I got a few more rules written in the constitution, [ I wasn't invited ]

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