Democrats Concoct Michelle Obama Rumor to Blame Conservatives

By: Sher Zieve

I must hand accolades to the Obama/ Democrat attack machine. As Barack Hussein Obama’s opponent—John McCain—has barred his campaign from saying anything at all the even remotely speaks to Obama’s true character and weaknesses, the Democrats were left with the dilemma of having to do something to beat up Republicans. So, in order to show their unsuitable candidate as the victim—again—a Democrat operative apparently started a rumor about Obama’s wife Michelle. The rumor was that Ms. Obama—during a speech from the pulpit of black separatist Trinity United Church—had called Caucasians “whitey.” The Democrat operative is Larry Johnson; the same Larry Johnson who had previously said that President Bush Advisor Karl Rove had been indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald. This bogus claim was later discredited. Note: It appears that this latest Johnson claim has, also, been shown to be another dishonorable Johnson claim.

However, the mainstream media—probably 99%+ in the tank for Obama—is still reporting that Republicans (most specifically conservatives and Rush Limbaugh) started the rumor as an “attack” against their Secular Messiah. They, as their own Democrat Party does, these same media are counting on Democrat voters to swallow the lie hook, line and sinker—as they have usually done. Thus far, it seems to be working.

Then Obama, not to be outdone by his mainstream media public relations’ machine, has established a new website—ostensibly to ‘dispel false rumors’. Knowing full well that one of his own Democrats started the rumor about his wife (one has to wonder if this “rumor” was actually planned and disseminated by the Obama campaign) his site continues to blame Limbaugh; when even one of Obama’s adamant supporters—CNN’s Roland Martin—sees through his own party’s deception! WHEW. Now I’m really concerned about Obama’s judgment!

Unfortunately, Obama is now showing himself to be not only “just another politician” but, one who apparently prefers lies to the truth—as long as said lies help him achieve his personal goals. Except for the leftist mainstream press—and perhaps his children—Obama can no longer be said to be a “different kind of candidate.” Instead, he’s the same old tired liberal type that many of us have grown to know and dislike. The tired attitude of leftist-think “Tell ‘em anything but, give ‘em what we want” is alive and well in Kandidate Obama.

This is a sad and dangerous time for both We-the-People and our country, folks.

Sher Zieve is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (

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