McCain—For A (Real) Change?

By: Jack L. Key

It’s time to talk about some realistic change for a change—enough Obama already! The only real qualified and capable candidate in this presidential election year is Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican.

Coincidentally, I have several things in common with Captain John McCain, USN (ret.).

We were both in US Navy aviation, both are the same age (although I’m 6 months older), and both were at NAS Coco Solo, Panama. McCain was born there (of Naval service parents in 1936), and my old Navy squadron (VP-45) was later based there. My squadron and I were transferred to USNS Bermuda in 1956.

McCain was at the Naval Academy then (class of 1958), as was a high school classmate of mine appointed to the Academy from Delaware (class of 1959).

For some time now we’ve been listening to a lot of irresponsible comments and remarks from the Democrat candidate, his wife and his supporters. We’ve also been reading similar nutcase comments from some “conservative” writers and sunshine patriots who claim to be so politically informed that they’ve deserted their own Republican party when it surely needs them. Wise up Republicans! Can you imagine an Obama presidency?

Senator John McCain is a straightforward, honest and truly qualified, extremely capable and trustworthy Republican presidential candidate, and deserving of his party and his country’s unqualified support.

These turncoat writers, analysts and commentators feel obliged to join those Democrats who claim victory now even before the election begins or the picture clears enough so we may see it. Eight years ago it was Gore, Gore, Gore! Four years ago it was Kerry, Kerry, Kerry! Republican Bush had no chance, said many of those in the know.

President Bush pickled and canned them both and sent them home.

I can’t remember the last time I agreed with EVERY political decision or platform point that ANY presidential candidate ran on. To be honest, who can? Some analysts and writers pick away at Senator McCain’s Senate voting record, his willingness to compromise, even cross party lines if necessary for the good of the country. But isn’t that REALLY what we want a President to do? Isn’t he allowed his principles too?

Seems to me that’s constructive change. And genuine leadership.

McCain has more political experience and personal character in his little finger than the other candidate and his entire group of supporters together. Ditto for some of McCain’s own party’s severest critics. Ask McCain a question, you get an answer right away, and he doesn’t make up Smear and Truth websites to answer critics. He’ll answer right off the cuff, too. McCain is a seasoned leader with the courage to face the tough decisions.

You don’t have to like the answer he gives, just respect it. And be careful if it’s trouble you’re looking for, not solid answers. Here’s a guy who took the best the Viet Cong and NVA bullyboys could dish out—and he did it for 5 long years inside a POW prison with many others like him who fought and died for your freedoms and rights to live as you please. And they did it in a stinking, worthless little country with no use to us whatsoever so socialism and communism would stay there and go no further—and it didn’t.

Vietnam wasn’t Bush’s War, either. Some Democrats named Kennedy and Johnson ran that one. Republican President Nixon finally cleaned up after them and ended it in 1973.

Senator McCain is running his candidacy on the real ISSUES, not racial, religious or someone’s notion of “progressive” change—or the “new” socialism or the “European Type” socialism. There’s enough of that already in the US Congress.

Liberal TV host Chris Matthews asked a Democrat congressman on his program the other day what was Obama’s greatest legislative achievement to date? The congressman thought and thought and thought. Couldn’t think of a thing, finally said so and then Matthews said “Boy, that’s a problem.”

The congressman is still thinking—and Matthews is still crying.

Barak Obama has done nothing extraordinary in his young life except being born half-black, or half-white, whichever suits your thought. That seems to be enough to get hard-nose blacks and hard-nose whites mixing it up and controversy to boil over. I question his ability to lead this country now or ever, as well as his credibility.

Obama’s character and religion and patriotism and politics have all been challenged over and over again. He has only been in the US Senate a short time, and cannot yet be honestly judged by his liberal voting record. And he has already been labeled the most left-leaning liberal in the Senate!

Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the United States of America Presidential election! Not some third-world hanger-on! Not some communist or dictatorship “show” election! Think before you vote! Listen to the issues, know the candidates, study their character and background, not their age or race or gender!

No President in history has been perfect, or right on every call—and no one ever will be.

Our country is the greatest on earth—so far—but we are closer now to losing it forever than we were in the early, dark days of World War Two. I know. I was there, too. As a child I saw American ships torpedoed and burning in the Gulf of Mexico—just off the Alabama-Mississippi coastline.

I was frightened and overwhelmed—and as a soldier, my father thought we would perish as a nation. Millions died before victory was finally ours. We can be crushed and demolished and cease to be a functioning society or country without the horror of another war happening. That is just one scenario.

Unlike many others of both political parties, significant writers and TV hosts and newspaper editors, I will not attempt to tell, or even ask, my fellow citizens how to, or not to, vote in this presidential election. I ask only that you consider seriously before casting that vote, and to take the responsibility for its consequences whatever the final cost.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of “Gideon’s Trumpet” and other books, and writes frequently for the Internet and prints media. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact him at: or visit his website at:

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