What Has Barack Obama Done For His Community?

By: Ken Hughes

How can Barack Obama change America for the better when he hasn’t been able to change his own black community. The high school drop out rate in black neighborhoods of Chicago is still one of the highest in the country. Illinois jails and penitentiary are filled with a majority of blacks, both young men and young women. The rate of Illegitimate births in the black community nationwide are used as a cash crop. Public housing is filled with 90% black residents. So we must ask Senator Obama, how have you helped and what have you done for your own black communities?

There are only few ways out of poverty in the black community, drugs, rap music, sports or as the Obama’s did write a book. But Barack Obama didn’t come from the hood, he came from a middle class white family from the islands of Hawaii. After leaving Harvard Obama had to learn how to be an oppressed black. Michel Jackson spent millions becoming white, Barack Obama has earned millions becoming black, what does Obama know that Jackson doesn’t?

At this point in my article it’s time for me to say “I am not predigest”, Actually I think I may be a born-again bigot. I think I’ve been forced into it. In the 1960s I went out of my way into the field of fire to support civil rights. I’ll match my civil rights efforts with Barack Obama any day. I feel that honestly gives me the right to say some of my best friends are black, [their not.] Some have black skin but they’re not black [per-say] they’re neighbors and friends, color is never an issue. I would expect a person running for president of 300 million predominantly white people would recognize “Whites Have Rights”. It’s not all about colored minorities, economic minorities, self segregated minorities. Being president is about people and how best to treat all people regardless of who, what and where.

Being president is about keeping the wheels of the national economy turning not taxing industry so heavenly they move out of the country. Being president is about seeing our children are educated not subsidized. Being president is about a lot of things Senator Obama doesn’t understand.

In 1994 Newt Gingrich road into Washington wearing a white hat riding a white horse. He was the quintessential purest coming to change congress into men and women who represented “We the People” It took a very short time for his own political party to run him out of town. For many years congress hasn’t been about representing the people, they’re all about themselves. Barack Obama comes to us from congress, first state then national. Need I say more?

The majority of blacks have pulled themselves up out of poverty. Their fight is not to convince white America of their equality it’s to convince themselves they’re equal. It’s a difficult road for them when they are inundated with rhetoric by black politicians, preachers and celebrities weaning diamond earrings riding around in chauffeur driven Suburbans with tinted windows telling them they aren’t now or will they ever be equal to whites. Being black is a hard life if you make it that way.

It’s time for congress to grow up and stop playing their games, This is not England and they are not Royalty, this is America where all [persons] are equal or at least have the opportunity to become equal. That’s all America has ever been, the land of opportunity. No government can force feed equality it’s something each of us must reach out and grab. We are only as equal as we feel, if there’s such a thing as slavery in America today it’s self induced.

If elected Barack Obama will face an even more hostile congress than Bush faced .
Bush had experience dealing with legislatures, first with his father when senior was president and later as Governor of Texas. Barack Obama has no experience and less decorum. He has yet to include congress in any of his proposals for change he intends to make. Presidents do very little without the advice and consent of congress. Something Obama will learn very fast if elected president.

I’m actually amused at Michelle Obama, she’s coming off as a potential First Lady reincarnated from the old Hillary Clinton. It didn’t take long for Hillary to get her “come-up-ences” once Bill took the oath of office. We were told we were getting three for one, first Al Gore disappeared, then Hillary was put on the back burner, not because the Clinton’s wanted it that way, because congress wanted it that way. And congress usually gets what congress whats. Michell Obama will be silenced if the Obama’s are the chosen two.

Don’t worry the presidency is only a four year gig. The Republic will survive!

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