The Threat of Iran

By: Guest Authors

By: Matthew Blouin

Liberals throughout the United States and abroad seem to consider Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an innocent, absent-minded fool. Even in the face of his blatant denial of the holocaust, denial of homosexuality in Iran, and outright sprint for nuclear weapons, Liberal America defends Ahmadinejad as a “differently-minded” individual valiantly defending his culture from American imperialism. Liberal academia even welcomed Ahmadinejad with open arms at Columbia University while denying Senator Tom Delay a guest speaking spot at Seton Hall, citing possible damage to their reputation. While these naive ultra-liberals wax glorious on the humanitarian efforts of the tyrant Hugo Chavez, their friend in Iran is quickly becoming a nuclear threat to any nation in range.

In order to properly understand the gravity of this new tilted arms race, one may look to Iran’s prime target: Israel. At a speech in March reflecting on the 60th anniversary of the re-founding of the Jewish state , editor of the Jerusalem Post, David Horovitz, described how real the threat to Israel is. Mr. Horovitz described security in Israel as being “safe in the middle.” In a nation the size of New Jersey, only one third is safe from attack from Hamas, Hezbollah, and other PLO terrorist groups funded by Arab nations. Small towns like Sderot live in constant fear of daily Kassam missile attacks from Hamas while scattered terrorists attacks create fear throughout Israel. While attacks currently threaten the security of the nation, future initiatives by Arab neighbors are the primary object of concern for Israelis. Mr. Horovitz describe the current Iranian regime as a potentially budding Nazi Germany, marked by its flagrant desire to eradicate the Jewish people and its insatiable quest for regional dominance and world influence. Horovitz made clear that in a matter of months to a year, Iran would have the capability to launch nuclear attacks on Israeli cities. He also made it known that Ahmadinejad and his brutal regime have missiles capable of striking European cities and are currently developing others with ranges stretching to American shores. Although many pundits favor allowing Israelis to deal with Iran on their own, the conditions which allowed Israel to take preemptive action on Iraq are not present in Iran. The very elements which gave Israel the element of surprise in 1981 no longer exist. Iran is a far more formidable fighting force with deadly anticipation of an Israeli attack.

World powers must unite to put down the greatest threat presented by radical Islam. The Western World cannot stand idly by while Iran adds nuclear arms to its hate-fueled arsenal. America cannot elect Neville Chamberlain Obama and hope to solve the Iranian problem by negotiation. Could Iraq become Ahmadinejad’s Czechoslovakia? Would we expect treaties to be honored by the type of tyrant history has exposed as a global threat? Let us hope we have learned from the past and will not be doomed to repeat it.

1 Horovitz, David. “Israel at 60: Past, Present, and Future.” Western New England College, Springfield, MA. 08 May 2008.

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