Of Course, Liberals Want to Nationalize Oil!

By: John Lillpop

The Democrat Party has a lone objective when it comes to the vital issue of energy: Obstruction!

By opposing drilling, additional refining capacity, and the development of nuclear power, the Left has left no stone unturned in assuring that America will never achieve energy independence. At least not through private enterprise, that is.

After all, $10 a gallon gasoline is worth the price to liberals if they can destroy the American oil industry.

Privateaphobia is the correct medical term to describe this mental disorder, found only in sick liberals.

Privateaphobia reared its ugly head again this week when liberals responded to President Bush’s common sense proposal to end offshore drilling with another senseless counter offer:

The solution, according to the left, is to nationalize the petroleum industry!


Mind you, these are the same hapless dim wits that could not manage a primary election without disenfranchising millions of voters and nearly igniting a race war while doing so.

Imagine what would happen to our economy, homeland security, and national defense if America’s “Black Gold” were in the hands of kooky socialists like Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich, and Nancy Pelosi.

The mind boggles!

To begin with, supplies to the military would be hijacked in order to provide free gasoline to millions of illegal aliens.

Environmentally abusive refining plants would be seized and converted into affordable housing for low-income malcontents and Mexicans still living in Mexico but with designs on invading America within the next 30 days.

And on and on.

Liberalism: Bad for gasoline price stability, bad for America!

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